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The third progress update for Shadows.

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Hello all! Sorry it took so long to release this, but here's Progress Update 3. I've added some new features and improved some features as well. I've mostly been working on optimizing my engine (I've almost rewritten the whole thing lol). I know it's not much, but it's coming along. I'm still trying to get the environment models into the game (tougher than I thought, I'm currently writing a custom model format along with a parser for it). But other than that, everything's going good. I'm dedicated to finishing this game and releasing it on PSM. 96MB is very difficult to work with, but I'm going to do everything I can to make sure this game gets finished and released on the PlayStation Store. NPCs, as you can see, are very simple. The one in the video has a simple chase behavior attached to it. After I'm done with my model parser and format, you will probably start to see animations in the game. :D Once again, I know it's not much (most of the improvements are in the code itself) , but here you go. It's coming along Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it. It really motivates me. :)

List of Changes/Additions:

  • I've rewritten most of my engine. More optimized.
  • Added Water
  • Added Simple NPCs
  • Added Bag Menu along with Simple Save & Load Functionality
  • Improved Weapon System (look at the weapon's behavior while looking in Progress Update 2 and look at the behavior in this video)
  • Redesigned Options Screen
  • Improved Profile System
  • Added Fall Damage & Health Regeneration
  • Improved Sneak Mode (works better)
  • Slightly Improved Camera (still needs work even after this lol)

What I am working on now:

  • Improving NPCs (hopefully adding A* Pathfinding)
  • Improving Water
  • Finishing All Bag Menu Sub-Screens
  • Inventory Screen (screenshot coming soon)
  • Combat
  • More optimization lol
  • Custom model format and parser

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