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Lastly we show off all revealed yellow cards from the pre early access build and give further insights about the color! Cute mons inside this article ;)

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Disclaimer: The game is in development. We aim the early access release for PC in Q2 of 2021.

Hello Ploxfam!

Ploxmons can belong to one of four different colors: Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. Each color represents a different playstyle with dedicated abilities and attributes. One color doesn't have an advantage over another. There is no strength/weakness system as in Pokemon games. Players may include cards of any color in their decks. There are no restrictions in this regard.

Today we focus on the color Yellow!


Yellow's attributes

Yellow's elements are lightning and air. Appearance-wise, Ploxmons of the color yellow are usually displayed as nimble mammals or insects. Some are also robotic looking. Therefore, common monster types found in this color are avian, grazer, lynxen as well as insect and mecha. Yellow Ploxmons also have a tendancy to have wings and sharp fur or bodyparts (edgy designs).

The picture above displays Zigzax, which will be included in the yellow starter deck.

joybird zigzax zaphira

Yellow's playstile

The main focus of this color is to do quick movements, either by increasing the speed stat of your team, attacking multiple times in one turn or move in and out of the battlefield. The latter is accomplished by retreat abilities as well as a lower than usual HP stat which causes the player to play new cards when their old ones faint. Yellow cards also tend to have a higher than average speed stat in general.

Ability-wise, lightning based Mons usually have speed boosting abilities while air based Mons are more times than not equipped with retreat effects. Doublestrike and triplestrike are common, too.

List of yellow Ploxmons (so far)

Beawork Beebot Bizzy Bolthog Brugs Elechimp Fuzzl Heistwing Kamikatze Ken Kiriraf Levitron Joltibuck Joybird Mystiko Trimora Zaphira Zaplynx Zigzax

Here is a video clip showcasing all current yellow cards in the current build of the game:
(Note: Some of these cards may change until release, e.g. adjust stats, change abilities, tweak artwork)

Where to find us

Join us on our Discord community to get even more insights about the project and to chat with us and the plox community! Our Discord members have acces to playtest the game occasionally. We also have fun mini games there with our very own "PloxBot"!

PloxBot promo1 breit

Other places:

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