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Pre-Alpha 7 Released to the public for a free download. This is a very early look at what you can expect to expand further in future versions of the game.

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Pre-Alpha 7 is now released to the public for anyone to download! Now you can check out this early look at Land of Skulls. If you like what you see while you play this game, please support us by donating into the Pirate rank to gain access to all Pre-Alphas and all the way up to the final release of the game!

Pre-Alpha 7 features the new Farming system you will see in the video above. You will now be able to plop down some farming plots and farm away! You can also place a bed and sleep through the night as you see the day and night cycle change till the next morning. This will also change your crops stage, and you will need to water them daily to keep them growing.

Not only was Farming added, but the Quest system was also expanded! You will now be able to get a quest from the Blacksmith, and complete it for a reward. This feature will also be greatly expanded as the game continues. You will have quests given from all your NPCs in the future, and you also gain respect for doing these quests. The respect gains you access to help from these NPCs. Some will feature a shop system or offer special crafts they can offer you. They may even offer both or more!

You now also gain respect by keeping your Blacksmith from getting hungry by filling his chest with food. This feature is just something to look at for now, but this will change how close they become to you. They will eventually offer discounts and actually help you gather things in the future.

More polish has been added to the game as well. Bugs were tackled, and the map got an expansion. The current beach will be filled with a generation system much like the regular land, this will come in the near future. For now most of the content is found in the Graveyard with a new Boss to take out. This boss will feature the new Bounty system, which is a WIP at the moment.

The boss will drop a special crate you will need to take to your banker, and earn a reward of a special item and currency. The special item will be needed to gain access to crafting a higher end weapon from your NPC specialists. This will tie in with the reputation system you have with that NPC.

Building has also been expanded with a better working system, which you will see in the video above. You can now attach floors, walls, door ways, and doors to your building wherever you please. This will also get expanded as development carries on.

You can download this free version of Pre-Alpha 7 at our Land of Skulls website. From there you will need to make a user on our DevBlog and you'll then be able to download it directly from here. If you find any bugs please post them on the forums, and I will knock them out and release patches for you guys. Hope you enjoy, and thank you for checking out Land of Skulls!

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