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After years of blood, sweat and tears we are ready to let the people try out our game for the first time, and so we would like to invite you to come try our game!

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New Year couldn't come with a better achievement to us than our first public playtest! We would like to invite you all to our playtest happening this week.


Need someone to play with or want to leave us feedback on our game? Please join our discord community!
Can't believe we finally made it but we are finally here. The build is fully playable with a few hiccups that we will fix soon enough.
Beta includes multiplayer only mode with 1v1 2v2 and ffa.
Major mechanics and features that are still missing are:

  • Expansion system with outpost upgrades!
  • Improved unit avoidance
  • Civilian Building Garrison and Infantry Transportation
  • Veterancy
  • Carpathia being it's own Unique faction with Own mechanics
  • Skirmish AI

All these will be making their appearance gradually starting next year along with plenty QOL features so stay tuned.
Again thank you all for your patience and faith in us, we hope you have not disappointed!
Have a Happy New Year and may it be more forgiving to us all! Stay safe!

t95blackeagle - - 687 comments

Looking forward to try it

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CTLN7 Author
CTLN7 - - 444 comments

Hey man! So awesome to see you around. I still remember the kickass models you did back in RR days! Hope you are well.

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t95blackeagle - - 687 comments

Hey man :D ,yea I miss those days
Im doing good :)
U and Noek1993 done amazing work in this game
Ive tested with my brother, looks fun and competitive to play
and almost felt like old school rts like generals
and looks even better

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Andi382 - - 368 comments

Bringing back the Golden Age of RTS Piece by Piece !

I like it !!!

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UweWeber84 - - 603 comments

Oh sweet, goodluck with the playtest y'all!

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CTLN7 Author
CTLN7 - - 444 comments

Playtest ended on 10 but it indeed went well.

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Guest - - 699,114 comments

Come on- What are you waiting fore (Quote Arnold Swarzenegger). Have any of you guys actually tried the game yet?

Got it on me and my mates Steam whish list, but nothing seems to be happening :(

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CTLN7 Author
CTLN7 - - 444 comments

It was a limited time playtest, next on is this july with tons more features.

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