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With the Water Crystal in hand, the party heads to Wyrm to meet up with Chris. They must persevere through the village of Ogra, and Mt. Magmor in order to keep Wyrm safe.

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After gaining the Water Crystal, the party heads towards the town of Wyrm in search of Lord Christopher II, the royal prince. Upon traveling the sandy shore, the party comes into contact with several monsters called Orgos. These monsters are all considered boss monsters because of their high stats and size. This means that you will not be able to use any stun attacks against them, and that multi target attacks will not work to your advantage. The party finds Chris in the manor in Wyrm. He is elated to see you and asks for your help in calming down the Orgos.

ogro 1

The village of Ogra lies just west of Wyrm. The party travels to the village and battles their way to center room where they confront the Orgo Chief. It becomes clear that the Orgo chief is being controlled by the demon Catherine, alike to Luther being controlled in the first release. Once the Orgo Chief is subdued, the party is given some Orgo Boots, which allow them to travel north of Wyrm towards Mt. Magmor.


After returning to Wyrm to recount your accomplishment, Chris asks for you to go to Mt. Magmor in order to figure out why the mountain has been releasing such heat. In order to reach Mt. Magmor, the party must cross the Searing Sands. The Searing Sands map is very large and the only way to traverse this desert is to stick near the red flags marking a path for the party to follow. Straying too far from the flags will cause the party to get lost in the sand and return to the start of the map.

darkKnight bomb2

Once the party has reached Mt. Magmor they find it inhabited by powerful dark knights. The knights claim they were tasked to reawaken Salamandro, a powerful beast that they hope unleash on the village of Wyrm. In order to make their way to the core of the mountain, the party must use the old mine carts to ride to different parts of the dungeon.

amanda salamandra

Upon reaching the core, the party is faced with the 3rd and final demon sister, Amanda. The party reaches the core too late and is face to face with Salamandro. Salamandro periodically raises his defense and power, making it a necessity to defeat him quickly before he becomes too resistant and powerful to kill. After prevailing against Salamandro, the party finds the Fire Crystal. Unfortunately before they have a chance to grab it, Amanda snatches it up. Dismayed they did not collect the crystal, but elated that the mountain is returning to normal, they head back to Wyrm.


Mt. Magmor has been one of my favorite dungeons to work on. Creating the mine puzzles was a good change from previous mechanics. The wild monsters in the mountain and the Searing Sands include foxes, golems, and bombs. These bombs explode during their first turn to do some heavy damage and also killing themselves. The mini boss of the dungeon is a dark knight that comes with 3 bombs. Periodically he will detonate them and revive them dealing massive fire damage to the party.


I am nearing closer and closer to being able to release this massive update for Pixelot. Currently I am in a phase of deep deep testing to ensure there are as few bugs possible when the update is released!

As always thank you so much for reading!


hey this looks kinda cute and cool

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Salamandro looks like Groudon XD.

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