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A new feature I’m really excited about for Pixelot is the addition of class promotions. When a character reaches level 60, their class gets promoted. Not only does this result in a new look for the class, it also changes their attacks and stats! Here are the class promotions! All promoted class skills deal a little more damage than base class skills. For example all attacks that hit the enemy party have 40 power instead of 30. Here are some notable changes to each classes skills

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Paladin -> Templar

After upgrading to the Templar class, the Templar no longer has to use truth in order to use wrath and judgement. This means they can combo much quicker and deal a lot more single Target damage. Templars also replace their powerful fire attack “Sol” with “Crusade”. Crusade does as much damage as Sol, but also ups the Templars power by 10%. Templars have the ability to equip clothing and heavy armor, and also gain the ability to equip lances.


Reaper -> Soulblade

Soul blades have their first combos removed like Templars. This makes it much easier to combo to the powerful Reap and Luna skills that Reapers and Soulblades have at their disposal. Soulblades also replace their “frostbite” skill with “Soul Blade” which had a higher power and also ignores 40% of the enemy’s resistance. Additionally, when a Soul blades casts Icy rage to boost their power, it also boosts the damage of their next attack by 50%


Ranger -> Hunter

Hunters no longer need to cast sting before venom and ambush. Their stun arrow improves to a multi target attack called hurricane which stuns all non boss enemies. Their reload skill also no longer takes a turn, meaning they can reset all of their skill cooldowns and immediately use one. Hunters gain the ability to use axes!


Sage -> Magus

Magi can cast their fire and ice spells in two turn combos now. Their lightning attack increases in power and enables the “Stormbolt” attack which deals heavy lightning damage and lowers the resistance of all enemies! Magi can also use swords!


Ninja -> Samurai

Samurai no longer need to cast quickblade before using dark blade. This means that the ninja can deal damage and hide in the same turn, allowing them to continuously go in and out of hidden cycles much quicker than before. Samurai also have the ability to wear light armor!


Lancer -> Dragon Knight

After Garrett’s promotion his offensive abilities are drastically improved. He gains a power two turn single target combo with Sky Lance and Meteor. His slash and cyclone abilities are changed to fire type, and his piercing attack is changed to a 100 power fire attack that ignores 40% of the enemy resistance. Dragon Knights also have the ability to wear light armor!

There are plenty more changes to classes as they promote and I invite you to check them out in the next update!

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