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Post news RSS Pixel loot Raiders - Devlog 04 + Pre Alpha Version 0.2 released

This Devlog is about the new added features of the game like pushable objects, pressure plates, ladders and levers and random generated dungeon names.

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Development Update 04:

Its time for a new weekly devlog :D

While the game is in Pre Alpha state it can be played here for free:Dl.dropbox.com
Current Version : Pre alpha 0.2

- Added Many things to the Dungeon System
- Implemented Levers
- Implemented Pressure Plates
- Added Ladders
- Added Secret Treasure Room

- Added Random Dungeon Names
- Added Dungeon Nameplate showing when entering the Dungeon

- Added several New Dungeon Room Types
- Added Treasure Room

- Added Item Room
- Added Pushable Wall Object (used for secret rooms)
- Implemented Pushable Objects

- Items
- Added Teleport Crystal Item
- Removed Random Potion Colors and added 3 different Potions instead
+ Potion Of health
+ Poiton of Risk
+ Potion of Death

- General Additions:
- Added Delete Item Slot to the Inventory
- Reimplemented Item Names shown when the Player is near the Item(Fully Changed how it works so it does not have any performance costs)
- Implemented Destruction Mechanic (now Bombs can Blow up Things :D )
- Implemented Bomb Damage
- Added Gold Door (which will only be in special Rooms)
- Bombs will now fall to the ground (instead of flying in the air)
- Reimplemented random door generation
- added random dungeon names
- Added New Loading Screen

- Added Examination Texsts to Bookshelfes,Walls,Doors
- Added Pressure plate in the libary

- Bugfixes:
- Fixed Wrong Item Places
- Changed Running Speed
- Changed Walking Speed
- Changed Texture of the Rock Dungeon
- Fixed Inventory System not saving Items
- Implemented Reset Inventory function (More Usefull for me than for Players :D)
- Fixed Potion Names
-Fixed Critical Item duplication bug
-Fixed Critical World Loading Bug
- Fixed Bug where GUI was invsible
- Fixed Items glowing in the dark
- Fixed Vines


Looks like it might be fun; tracking.

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ChrispGames Author

thanks :D

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I respect your Game! :D

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ChrispGames Author

thanks :D

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"Fire dungeon of Mystery", one can only wonder what treasure lies inside.

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