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Post news RSS PhasePixel Releases Twin Stick Shooter Called “Resistance is Fruitile”

A challenging local co-op twin stick shooter jam-packed with sinister fruit monsters and plenty of firepower to take them on!

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Austin, Texas – 10/02/2019: After nearly a year of working on the game, Phase Pixel has announced that they have released their first title named Resistance is Fruitile on Steam and. As a wedding ceremony inside of an ancient castle comes to a close, a legion of fruit monsters materializes and steals the pure, delicious chocolate wedding cake! Resistance is Fruitile is half bullet hell, half twin stick shooter, and full fruit shooting fun.

View Resistance is Fruitile’s launch trailer HERE.

Oddly enough, the name has a very interesting story of its whereabouts. “One day I sort of came up with a theme” says Matt Warinnger (lead programmer), “I’m not a fan of fruit of any kind on chocolate cake. I like my chocolate cake just to be ‘chocolatey’ and nothing else, I’m a chocolate purist”. In Resistance is Fruitile you play the role of the bride or groom and blast your way through the castle where your wedding was held to rescue your chocolate wedding cake from evil fruit monsters. “The game is a social commentary on the very important societal issue of fruit on chocolate cake”.

Although the game was “soft” released a few months ago, Phase Pixel wanted to spend more time refining the game before they spread the word to the gaming community. This definitely paid off; Resistance is Fruitile looks and feels great, plus it has an awesome soundtrack. There’s nothing more fun than a bride and groom with guns, squashing every fruit monster that gets in their way.


  • High octane twin-stick shooting action
  • Unique Power Card perk system: level up and match two cards of the same type for extra bonuses
  • Bride and groom local co-op
  • Rockin’ soundtrack

Check out the latest updates and news:

Hurry before the fruit get away! Wishlist Resistance is Fruitile on Steam!

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