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Well holysh*t, Trailer is out and nothing can stop me now from publishing! :D

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10/10 Best game I have ever made! xD


Made in 24 hours tryharding and it's a Tower Defence kind of game when you play as Pewdiepie's Meatball, the Media is tired of Pewds cause he is only playing Minecraft and haven't done any controversies for a while... So when Pewdiepie is offline they are attacking his Minecraft World! But you (The Glorious Meatball) Comes alive aswell. Will you Save him? Or will you Destroy his base? :P


New in v.45:


MeatBall RAGE, become Faster, Larger and Jump to the sky! xD

Music DJ, 2 songs to Shuffle between, Mute!

More sound effects!

Added a Sun... Lol

And More! ^-^ (Old post below)

4 Waves at the moment, might make more if people like it. :)

4 Different Media Ninjas (whatever they are lol) Titan=LightBlue, Rage=Red, Basic=Black, Noob=Brown.

5 Locations to protect.

Around 2k objects to destroy! :)

And More! :D


Great publishing another game on this website, I'm a fan of PewDiePie so ofc I needed to make a game about him at some point. Hopefully you boiis will enjoy this game and please share it if you think it's funny, DOPE or retar*ed. XD


Support me on Patreon: Patreon.com ❤️

Check out my website at:


More will come, Peace out! <3




I am sorry, but that title ?!?!?!
I assume you did this so he (Pew..) would notice it and talk about it on his channel. The game itself is,..... well, what can i say,...
sorry, not really liking it, ....sorry....


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Rednap Author

I appreciate the feedback, this was meant to be a dumb-fun game and it was made in 24 hours. Nothing too serious :) Feel free to check out my other games that I have put more thought and time into.

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Sorry, didn't know it only took you 24 hours, really well done then. And your other games look really great, always wanted to look in to Blender, but never came around to it.


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Ihihihihih i hope he plays it :D Maybe you put game link in next video! Or on twitter. I dont think you should use this music in your trailer tho... He cant play that on youtube. Copyright.

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Rednap Author

Haha, we'll see :) I'm just happy if people enjoy it when it comes out xD Thanks for the feedback! ^-^

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