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Things progress quick. Tell me what you think. When you have a nice idea, i will integrate it, but..

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Hi @ll gamers out there,

i am very happy about the progress i make, in developing Beams.

All the functions you have seen in my other videos, are still working and now i have "only" to place and connect them, and build some fancy levels for us!

First things first.

I splitted Beams gameplay into sections with different themes, not only optical different, other stuff to play with too, but..
For now, i focus on building first playable fresh Demolevel, for the Dualzantimetrailrun = DTT and have to stop myself, to create more content.
Fun to play and a bit different, no clone i hope.
I throw in here now a bunch of pictures of the creation process of Perinator Deadrow, from concept to working in UE very short pure worktime, but with family and job it's not easy to make all that freetime usable.

Deadrow is used in the new Map DTT as perimeter defender, to protect the goal against tricking my system out.^^
Feels like a cool speedrungame for me, where skill is important.
Dualzan is the name of the Dual Grapple hook system.(if you do not still know that)

For example: The Dualzantargets are cubes, each face of the cubes points in a different direction.
Direction of connected face and precision is influencing player movement, while attached.

When you connect one Dualzan to the top you get different movementfeeling, /bottom / sides too.
I am very interested how ppl like that and the different options it opens for the player.

The Player could use different targets, with both Dualzans for saverouting, but when you play at full risk and hit the targets well (look at the cross) you can raise up very quick, release Dualzan at highest point and use your velocity to reach the next Dualzantarget, then you could travel fast.
But when you miss them, you will loose at least some life, but that's not so important ;)
Don't think that Beams will be to easy!
I personal like skillbased games most and Beams is one.
The DTT should have a playtime roundabout 5-10 minutes for medium gamers, but it could be done faster.

Some time ahead i could use/insert procedural leveldesign too, to create fresh content for you in a more roguelike game.
But for now i follow a different concept, and have to stick to it.
I do not say that Beams is completely new, but for me as gamer it feels fresh and fun to play now (testingtestingtesting).
Tested so many distances and routing and for the future the trails will be not less interesting.

Bams is very satisfying for me, not at least because of all the nice feedback i get. :)
Sincerely :)







Thank you for reading so far :)
Here is a goodie for you. Devsnippets of Deadrow dev.
Feedback please :)


Good news!

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Luftbauch Author

Yes Sir.
Bad news are that my old 560Ti died yesterday because of heavy dev(or illuminati).
Time for upgrade, but the 560Ti was great for performance opt, because when it runs there, then everywhere.
Thank you very much for your feedback :)

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