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Patch: V.0.4.0 (Combat Update) is live.

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Hey everyone.
Patch: V.0.4.0 - Combat Update - is live now!

New Features:

  • New Human AI – Spearman.
  • New Traps against Tribal Warriors
  • New Armor System
  • New Challenge – Radio.
  • New AI Behaviors – Patrols and destroying construction.
  • New Tribal paintings and haircuts.
  • New Weapons - Tribal Spear and Tribal Bow.
  • Steam Cloud - Save and language integration. (more info here: Steamcommunity.com )

  • Damage now depends on hit body parts.
  • Changed name of Bonfire to Campfire in Campfire Challenge.
  • Modified model of Small Leaf Pile.
  • Added Bamboo Spear and Hand Drill Board to Notebook.
  • Dots on wounds now appear when picking up wound treatments from Backpack.
  • Language can be change only via Steam settings.
  • Consumption Infolog now contains sanity reduction.
  • Tribe camps spawn more Warahas.
  • Hunters avoid attacking other tribe members.
  • Birds killing is now easier.
  • Improved spear holding.
  • Attacking after block is more responsive.
  • Sleep and Inspection are now unavailable when the character is in the air.
  • Watch cannot be used during inspection.

  • Fixed Tutorial save names.
  • Fixed leeches having collision with some weapons.
  • Fixed minor translation issues.
  • Fixed placement of liquid slots in Water Containers.
  • Fixed Notebook skills descriptions.
  • Fixed empty places in Notebook.
  • Fixed collision issues with Bonfire.
  • Fixed issue with loading not fully built ghosts.
  • Fixed Spearfishing issues.
  • Fixed Tribe spawn points.
  • Fixed AI’s collisions.
  • Fixed several Arrows and Bow issues.
  • Fixed placing two Stone Rings with Small Fire.
  • Fixed possibility of deconstructing the Raft in Challenge.
  • Fixed expand menu options for several items.
  • Fixed several issues with slots in Traps.
  • Fixed Maggots spawners.
  • Fixed Spiders spoiling.
  • Fixed sanity reduction during Worm removal.
  • Fixed Wasp attack animation issues.
  • Fixed Wasp attack exploits.
  • Fixed hands animation during block.
  • Fixed weight of items on crafting table.
  • Fixed audio during Tribe Bow shooting.
  • Fixed Spears blinking issue.
  • Fixed several Hunter’s Bow issues.
  • Fixed aiming reticle during jump.
  • Fixed sleep effects transition issue.
  • Fixed several soup issues.
  • Fixed cancelling ghost during changing weapons.
  • Fixed Leaf Bed collision issue.
  • Fixed shoot during sprint issue with Bow.
  • Fixed durability loss during block.
  • Fixed weapon drops during usage of Weapon Rack.
  • Fixed fish in trap disappearing issues.
  • Fixed coconut as a bidon issue.
  • Fixed position of Spear after taking it from dead animal.
  • Fixed Bow damage.
  • Fixed skill raise on every Axe type.
  • Fixed levitating Arrow issues.
  • Fixed Banana tree destruction.
  • Fixed Cooked Maggots inventory issue.
  • Fixed Small Fire cooking slot issue.
  • Fixed Big Stone disappearing from hands.
  • Fixed ability to take Pots and Bowl with unsafe water to Backpack.
  • Fixed splash sound and animation being played when underwater item was highlighted.
  • Fixed harvest icon underwater display.
  • Fixed pre-built constructions ghosts collision.
  • Fixed Bowl and Soup icons visibility.
  • Fixed Fire Tool Backpack position after opening Backpack during Fire starting.
  • Fixed Player resurfacing after picking up an underwater item.
  • Fixed disappearing Bamboo Bridge ghost after Tutorial.
  • Fixed Backpack’s tabs mix after picking up heavy object.
  • Fixed hitting ground sound after harvest.
  • Fixed fire issue with Torch.
  • Fixed leveling up Archery exploit.
  • Fixed attack during ghost placing.
  • Fixed Mighty Camp Challenge destroying constructions.
  • Fixed hints for Fishing Rod.
  • Fixed weapons no losing durability after throw.
  • Fixed no stamina loss during attack from above.
  • Fixed Arrow size and position.

We would like to thank everyone committed to reporting bugs, leaving their feedback and sending us save files with crashes or fps drops. It’s really helping our team with locating issues and improving the game.

Thank you for your support!

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