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Post news RSS Patch 1.049 and playtest on September 5th 2020

Join us for some fun games this Saturday for the next Alpha testing! It’s time to start stressing the server capacity – help us spread the word as we need as much people as possible to play the next test session! This is a relaxed playtest with the upcoming new patch, with some under-the-hood improvements alongside important bugfixes and experimental balance changes. The event will start next Saturday, September 30th, 2020, at 14:00 UTC!

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The latest patches have covered a lot of ground, both on the user experience (improved performances, bugfixes) as well as the gameplay.

This devlog focuses more on the gameplay aspects.

As new players joined in and more playtest were, played, the need to improve neutral classes and the need to address too much confirmability has arisen.

In patch 1.048, the bounty hunter was fixed simply by making it not known to agents.

In this patch however, some points have been address: specifically, the Script Kiddie could confirm itself by DoSsing, so we needed a way to give DoS to agents on Day1. This has been achieved by removing "unskilled attack" to the agent, which now has "computer forensics background" - a skill that will spawn (upon game creation) a random skill between unskilled attack, hack, DoS and alter logs. This way the AL is more difficult to find on early game, and it removes confirmability with the Script Kiddie.

The journalist is liked as it is fairly easy to play, however it lacks some satisfaction as you don't really have any authority on the topology, so you end up simply roleblocking. Giving the journalist a new skill, "Impartial Sabotage" (which rollbacks a node and instantly gains a scoop) allowes for a more fun gameplay, giving the user the choice on how much aggressive to play the journalist.

The full changelog of the previous patches since 1.040 (the latest devlog) are as follows:

Alpha v1.049 changelog

Balance Changes

+ Resentful Criminal: Objective has changed (the original OL must be non living, the original AL must be killed)
+ Resentful Criminal: "bait law enforcement" has now 3 charges
+ Resentful Criminal: "looking for an old friend" has now 2 days cooldown (Cooldown 3 from Cooldown 1)
+ Journalist: gains the new "Impartial Sabotage skill"
+ Agent Leader: loses "Unskilled attack"
+ Agent Leader: gains the new "Computer Forensics Background" skill, which will randomly assing a skill from: Unskilled Attack, Hack, DoS, Alter Logs.
+ Unskilled Attack: increased charges from 3 to 5
+ 10 players games now spawn with 1 Agent Leader, 5 NETSEC (up to 2x category), 2 agents, 2 neutrals + Rolled back win condition of bounty hunter and journalist to 3 articles / 3 bounties

Client Changes

+ Fixed client not reloading encrypted notes when rejoining a game
+ Changed mole icon color to reflect a specific category (Field Op: green, Investigative: red, Offensive: blue)

Servers Side Changes

+ Games now starts when everyone is set as ready
+ Fixed server not replying with the #node# ID with exploit vulnerabilty skill
+ Fixed an issue that would duplicate shown events in certain conditions
+ Improved network performances

Alpha v1.048 changelog

Balance Changes

+ Agents no longer know the identity of the bounty hunter
+ Rolled back hack time limit (now starts at 8 days again, down from 9)
+ "Strike Deal" now only has one charge (down from the standard 2) for games <= 12 players
+ "Strike Deal" will now undo an arrest if redirection caused a player to be arrested first (e.g. enforcer using escort)
+ Journalist now requires 2 scoops to win (down from 3)
+ Bounty hunter now requires 2 bounties to win (down from 3)

Client Changes

+ Upgraded to Unity3D 2020
+ Journalist has her target added in the event log for successful scoops
+ It is no longer possible to send empty chat messages
+ Added mailing list option during sign ups, plus a verification email is now sent to the desired email. You can still play without verification.
+ Added support to language preference when creating or looking for a lobby - probably a bit early for this, but hey, why not :)
+ Fixed a bug that would wrongly add [N/A] to the log writer skills on Day1

Servers Side Changes

+ Added a web profile
+ Added Winning Streak multiplier (1 win: x1.1xp, 2 wins: x1.2xp... 10 wins: x2.0xp, over 10 wins: x3.0xp)
+ Server now rejects empty chat messages
+ Fixed an issue that would not correctly process vote ties + Fixed some issues in the opsec web log (please report missing translations in the web log :3 e.g. #ROLE# or similar placeholders)
+ Fixed an issue where the occupation flag would be set in certain rare case where it shouldn't (vote kill cuncurrency)
+ Minor server side fixes

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