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Patch 1.0.4 for reborn has been released for the changelog read the full post or visit the forums.

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The 1.0.4 patch for Reborn is now available on the BHP Launcher. This patch is aimed at making GDIs vehicle arsenal more useful in combat, making vehicles other than the Disruptor actually useful purchases. This patch took a little longer to get out than we originally intended due to some balancing issues with the original version of the patch but we've revised it since then and our testing team seemed fairly happy with the results. Without further ado, the changelog;

Balance Changes

  • GDI Titan: Increased armour and damage
  • GDI HMRLS: Increased damage and added a secondary AA cluster shot
  • GDI Mammoth MkII: Increased armour, speed, damage, SAM damage and self repair speed. Larger projectile hitbox
  • GDI Orca Fighter: Increased damage
  • GDI Component Towers(all): Increased armour
  • GDI & Nod SAM Sites: Increased max. vertical tilt and damage. Larger projectile hitbox
  • GDI Ghoststalker: Increased damage and larger projectile hitbox
  • GDI Disk Thrower: Made bouncy shot primary, new anti-vehicle secondary fire
  • Nod Harpy: Reduced damage
  • Nod Cyborg Commando: Larger projectile hitbox
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