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A new update for Setting Sun is ready to be tested. This update brings weather effects, ronin changes, dungeon changes, UI changes and new artworks.

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A new update for Setting Sun is ready to be tested.

This update brings weather effects, Ronin changes, dungeon changes, UI changes and new artworks.

Thanks for trying out the demo, I hope you enjoy it and please let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Discord!

Also if you like what you see wishlist Setting Sun on my steam page!

Patch Notes

Weather Effects:

- Several seasonal effects have been added to the game.
The weather changes at random intervals causing it to rain/snow/clear up.
The environment updates dynamically depending on the weather.

There's also some variation in rain differing from light drizzle to heavy storm.

Aside from that the day and night cycle have been updated with their own skybox for some more immersion.

Ronin Changes:

- The ronin's passive stance has been reworked.
After unlocking way of the ronin you can manually alter your damage done/taken balance.
This allows you choose for a more aggressive or defensive playstyle.

- The player doesn't take damage anymore during a hit reaction giving you a brief period of "Immunity".

- The blessing Aiki has been reworked.
Aiki now triggers an instant dashing strike on a perfect block.

Aiki reworked - Indie DB

- The new blessing "Blast Armor" has been added.
This blessing makes you immune to all damage coming from bombs.

blast armor

Dungeon Changes:

- The mystery room has been reworked.
The previous version had 2 randomized chests (1 good, 1 bad) which seemed like a good idea on paper but in reality it wasn't really a choice causing you to just pick the nearest chest for convenience.

Now there is an option to either choose a gold chest or the mystery chest which can be anything even a gold chest!

mystery room

- The amount of enemies in a room has increased by 30% but enemy health has been reduced by 30%.
Some rooms only spawning 1 enemy made it seem kind of empty, so I'm trying to find a balance between more enemies and manageable combat.

UI Changes:

- The dojo interface has been updated.

Dojo UI rework

- The player circle has been updated.
Now you always have an indication of your player's direction through the icon.


- The player frame has an updated Ronin Face
Aside from that the controller icons have also been changed

Ronin Face Icon

- The interaction UI for players has been moved to the player instead of the NPC.

Co-op interaction change

New Artwork:

- The logo and title screen have gotten a big update.

Icon v2aIcon v2

Title screen update

- The first batch of concept art has been made
The current 3D models for the characters are in need of an update so I created some concept art to be used for future reference.

The Ronin Class

Ronin Outfit Concept art

Sensei Lao'Rens

Sensei Lao'rens concept art

The Ninja Class

Ninja twitter

The Geisha Class

Geisha variation

Minor Changes:

The game has been updated from unity 2020 to unity 2021 LTS.
The controller icons have been updated.
Changing keybindings should now also update the icon in the player frame.
Lootable bombs don't drop anymore if no player has the bomb trinket.

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