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Update 0.7 has been released for the steam roguelike festival. This update brings a new enemy, trinkets, bug fixes and more.

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A new update is now live for the steam event Going Rogue: A festival of Persistence.

This update adds more enemies, a trinket system, bug fixes and more.

I hadn't uploaded the steam demo from September to itch so this version contains the 0.6 update as well as the new 0.7 update, as well as windows, linux and the macOS versions. (Download links: Steam , itch.Io)

So check it out, let me know what you think or report bugs if you find any in the Discord.


Patch Notes


A new wolf enemy joins the bamboo forest


- The first version of trinkets have been added.

The dojo offers you 2 choices to buy:
1) A Sushi plate, which restores health on demand
2) A bomb that you can drop for some extra damage to anyone in the vicinity

Each trinket has an amount of charges and extra charges can drop from enemies or chests in the dungeon.

- Each trinket also has some blessings tied to them discoverable at the dragon shrines.

- Blocking when you don't have the required amount of stamina puts you in a block break state.

- Focusing an enemy has been expanded:

A setting has been added to auto focus an enemy when attacking.
You can stay focused on to an enemy with the focus button or attack manually in any direction you want. (if auto focus is disabled)
Aim assist allows you to change targets based on the direction you are aiming instead of changing targets manually with the right stick.


- The Torii gate in town has been upgraded to a small shrine

- The Dojo offers an extra row of abilities called trinkets
- The Dojo now only offers 1 passive in the first row for each class


- Added extra toggleable settings concerning enemy focusing
- Added a setting to toggle controller vibration
- A pop-up menu has been added to give notifications
- Parry has been renamed to block


- Multiplayer UI and controller fixes

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