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Properly monetizing a video game is both a major challenge and an extremely important subject for both players and developers. It is therefore necessary to find the right balance in order to please both parties and unfortunately, we believe that the free game model has been failed by far too many developers contributing to the (justified) mistrust of players. That's why we take the time to explain a clear vision of our model and why it's not a pay to win or a pay for convenience.

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Adventure pass and hero pass

The solution we have found is to create two passes, adventure and hero that will provide two advantages.

Online presence

The main advantage of these passes is that each player pays for his own presence on the web instead of loading it to a single host who pays for everyone. This means that you can all create your own world and play with thousands of players without having to worry about hosting. A sum will be paid to creators to encourage competition and better content. This amount will be distributed pro rata to the hours played in the world in question ($0.50 Adventure and $5 Hero per month). Nevertheless, the creator may at his discretion pay the non-VIP hosting fees if he wishes.

To avoid any confusion, a player can always play for free on the official servers, or host his world in order to play with other VIPs or not.


In addition, it will provide players with several benefits over time (loyalty) such as skins, new special effects for spells, dances, and house or boat designs. They cannot be sold in order not to affect the game's economy and turn it into a pay to win game. There will never be any constraint to force you to take a pass like limiting inventory in a city vault.

Hero pass

The hero pass gives exactly the same benefits as the adventure pass except that it is $5 more expensive and the money is given to the world creators to encourage them.

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