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I’ve finally gotten around to giving our little friends the names and also came up with a short little biography for each one.

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I’ve finally gotten around to giving our little friends the names and also came up with a short little biography for each one. These may change in the future, but for now I’m just happy I finally picked something!

Here’s our cast of friends in order that you’ll meet them:

Knight: Finley

Scottish for "Fair-haired hero". Our main character in the game has no significant background and has pretty much spent his entire life aimlessly wandering around from tavern to tavern pretty much accomplishing nothing.

Amazon: Gerarda

Old English for "Brave Spear Woman". Nobody is entirely sure where she came from. One day she just showed up in town for a competition and amazed everyone with her combat skills; she was immediately offered a job in guard duty and hasn’t left since. She dreams of big things in her life other than just being a simple guard grunt though and is always looking for something else to do instead. She doesn’t talk a lot, but when she does, you’d better listen!

Archer: Frezza

Italian for "arrow". Fezza has spent many years learning the fine art of archery and has become quite good at her trade. She prefers to live among animals in the forest and isn’t a huge fan of large cities. There are only a few people she would call a true friend, but will do anything in her power to help them when in need.

Mage: Lilura

Basque for "Enchantment". While very early in her development as a mage, Lilura is a quick study and really likes it when she can fine new shiny magical things to play with. She is good friends with Frezza going back many years and too prefers the more solitude life away from larger cities.

Bandit: Calvin

Latin for "Hairless" or "Bald". Born with a full head of hair, which his parents were never able to keep control, he was named ironically after his bald great-great-uncle. He was raised to be a free spirit and always speaks his mind, even if it means peeving someone off. Unfortunately, due to unknown events, he was left with nothing but hit wits and attitude to carry him through life; resulting in his life as a bandit.

Dwarf: Gus

Gaelic for "Strength". He’s Dwarf, enough said!?! Grumpy and very strong willed, Gus has spent most of his life focused on combat training, exploring caves and obtaining as much loot as he can. He’s not an overly great conversationalist, but tries his best when required. Gus isn’t a big fan of free-spirited people though, then tend to annoy him!

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