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We apologize for our silence the previous week, but we're making it up to all of you with a public build with tons of changes!

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As you may have noticed, last week we had a conspicuously absent update. Don't fret about it, for we've been working all the same and we've got some exciting things to show off!

Firstly, the most obvious change is that we have implemented some models (though the textures and materials are still placeholders) while also making some progress in some other ones. We don't have all that much ready to show you, but we want to make sure you're aware that work is still ongoing!

Now for the programming, that's where the major leaps can be found! We completely overhauled the enemy spawning system, making it behave more like a traditional wave system, while making it much easier to edit what spawns in each wave and with improvements for it already being planned! This change alone took more time than expected to make, but it was well worth it considering how much easier it will make designing and balancing waves! Beyond that we can also make turrets aim vertically, a skill that will come into play on the second level with its elevation differences! Beyond that we also added a victory state and a lose state, along with the according menus that will allow you to repeat a level or go back to the menu!

We also have done numerous small changes, you know how programming is like, there's always something to be changed that isn't worth noting. Here's something that IS worth noting though! It's a test build! Just follow the link and you'll be able to try out the first level of the game! Yes we're aware there's still a lot to be done but deadlines sometimes force us to push out something unfinished. Rest assured we'll be working on the most blatant aspects in the coming weeks.

Well, that's everything for now, be sure to download the test build and throw us some feedback through the form link in the tutorial text! And while you're here you also shouldn't forget to follow us on twitter!

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