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We have decided on a price point for Space Scavenger as we are releasing in Early Access on June 12th. It will be $9.99!

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Launch ready!

Space Scavenger is launching in one week! Friday June 12th is the magic date!

Last few weeks we have tried to not change too much in the game, even small visual bugs that we are aware of are not priorized if they pose any risk at all. Instead we focus on any critical bugs and on reaching out to streamers and youtubers to increase awareness of the game! So far it's going quite well, we've made a youtube playlist that grows every day.


We also decided on a price, $9.99 / €8.99 / £7.99. We came to this price point by thinking a lot about what we want players to expect coming in, what types of games are associated with a certain price and our expected exposure during launch. We were planning a higher price point of $14.99, but we are instead hoping that this lower price will make sure players are pleasantly surprised when they see all the content this game has to offer and instead tell their friends about it! It is also in Early Access so if we add enough content during that time we might increase the price when leaving Early Access!


We are super excited, please wishlist Space Scavenger on Steam if it looks interesting to you! It's been 4 years in the making and we couldn't be more excited for next week!

See you in space!
Red Cabin Games

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