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Post news RSS One month remains until the Soul Passage Game trailer

One month remains until the SoulPassage Game trailer. Obligor's story unfolds in November.

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Our first game @SoulPassageGame has 4 different worlds inside of the story. #indiedev #IndieGameDev #metroidvania #Trailer #screenshotsaturday #followfriday

Planet Tarqeq: Home planet of Obligor. As known as nice farmer's land.


Planet Korbesooja: Desert planet with dark pits, dealy sand monsters, and nomads.


Planet Ayna: A planet where gravity works differently, famous for its tall trees and magicians living in endless towers, where there is no one to come back, even soul thieves are afraid of this planet and creatures living inside.


Planet Davn: The mining and worker planet where theft and destruction prevail, built from meteorites in the unknown depths of the Desagertzea (extinction - basque) nebula.


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