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Here is first battle AI demonstrtion. I made two version with diff interfaces.

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Four Armies Battle.

Hello all!

Here is some random battle between four countries : Dezo, Austen, Lutz and Eldem. Dezo and Lutz are attackers, they are trying to conquer land of Austen. Eldem is a third side, neither attacking or defending, just killing all in sight.

Dezo army are formed of several types of infantry units(killer bees, scorpions, heavy infantry), two horseman squads and one archer squad. Austen is defending and has a strong army, which includes barbarians armed with spears or double axes, heavy archers with long bows, couple of cannon squads and one squad of mages.

Lutz has balanced army of infantry, archers and mages, but they stand far from other, so they'll appear late in battle. And finally Eldem, leads strong and devastating unit types, like Golems, Ogres, Evil Trees, Red Dragons and Horseman, as addition.

You can watch how units use melee, ranged attacks, cast spells (actually two units with spells - it's a Red Dragon with his fire breath and Fire Mage with Meteor), move and take defensive stance in this video. All players are controlled by computer. There is the mode with maximum free space on screen here. To see another way of representing AI turns and to see who will win the battle,watch the video until the end!
Write comments, leave your opinions, and thank you for watching!

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