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Test of animating the viking warrior models with initial sword swing and shield block animation.

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Over the weekend initial low poly warrior class models were created for Odin's Call, these initial low poly warrior meshes have since been rigged and brought into UE4 for development of early project builds


It should be noted the current scaling of pawns is not correct and will be adjusted once the camera zoom function is implemented for world tiles.

Development while kickstarter is running will be in the following development stages

  • Phase 1, Initial set of basic assets needed for creating playable demo access build.
  • Phase 2, Implementing of initial core mechanics beyond current testing level.
  • Phase 3, rolling out of initial developer builds to Kickstarter early access backers to download and start play testing in full.
  • Phase 4, if kickstarter reaches funding then the funds will be focused on creating polished assets for models and interfaces to swap out elements replacing dev assets that have been used for rapid prototyping.
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