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Its a struggle to get £200 for the Oculus rift development Kit so Ghostship will be fully Oculus rift Compatible. 3 Months of Crowd funding attempts and now 3 months behind in development. Thanks Crowds If This video doesn't help that goal in any way then it is truly down o those old words! REST In PEACE!

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After 8 months of development we have raised a measly £100, the Oculus Rift Development Kit is £200! At an extremely low budget for this type of game we are looking at £25.000 Do you want this game? Or do you want to contribute to a game that will cost a hell of a lot more for a hell of a lot less. With thousands of yes votes on green light in just 3 weeks that tells us that there are people who want a game like this! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/cdf-ghostshipMy second Attempt of crowd funding has raised £100 in 20 days! Time is running out! If you want this game do something about it! I AM! - I am spending 100 hours a week developing it! Or your alternative is to just back/pledge on some ideas that you want to hear! and probably by someone who has never developed a game before! Like most other crowd funding projects! Ghostship has a fully playable alpha! And is developed by a gamer for gamers! I am doing my bit, do your bit by giving Ghostship Some Support! If you don’t like this sort of game no problem, please tell other people who may like it. If you cannot afford £1 then tell someone who can! - If not, then you have zero reason and zero say if this game will ever be finished and released!

graspee - - 161 comments

I realize that it must be frustrating spending all your time developing something and not to have much interest and not to reach your funding goals but this paragraph and other comments here make you seem very bitter, angry, entitled, jealous of other projects with funding and so on. It can't be creating the best impression in people who might otherwise have funded you. It's like boys who can't get a girlfriend because their desperation shows.

It's very sad, but not every project gets funded. I know the word is horrible and overused but you do seem to think you're entitled to funding. At the end of the day it's the public's money and they can do what they like with it.

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MAGStudios Author
MAGStudios - - 180 comments

Yeah I am sorry about that, just griping. 8 months down the line and I am at the stage where I need funding, and it is not going well. Just trying to re-iterate the fact that funding is urgently required and the second attempt of crowd funding is still going no where.

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Yukoarts - - 224 comments

I also have noticed campaigns at kickstarter.com have more chances of success because it receives a lot more visits. Sadly you can only use it if you live in USA, for the rest of us the best option really is indiegogo, which decreases the chance of sucess because it receives less visits. Not sure if we can ask a trusty USA friend to open a kickstarter.com campaign for us.

By the way, I had already worked 2 years on my game; and already tried indiegogo once, without success too.

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Palanduss - - 158 comments

He actually did a campaign on Kickstarter and it didn't work out. Problem is no one is really saying what the problem is with the game and why they aren't interested in backing it. I like it a lot... but dunno.

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Yukoarts - - 224 comments

I find it interesting you said kickstarter.com also didn't worked, I myself am trying to understand the mechanics of a successful campaign, both for me and for others(I'm writting a guide about this).

Anyway I will try kickstarter.com myself so I can compare with my own indiegogo results; but I will keep in mind what you said.

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Nazaxprime - - 15 comments

I'd say the "secret" to a successful campaign is essentially, already having an enormous ammount of capital. From what I hear, it takes nearly 20-40k just to get a viable advertising campaigne going where agencies will basically even talk to you... its hard as hell to not come off bitter, regardless of what consumers think. You can have a nearly complete ready for beta level game that takes years to be produced and consumers will still thumb their noses at it simply because they have not had the exposure to it that they expect with their normally saturated, standard spam attack media that they are used to being guided by ubiquitously. People simply dont have the time or dont want to spend the time looking up solid independent developers. They would much rather bitch about IGN reviews and go about their business laping up the crap that is shoveled at them in megacorp game shops, and news outlets, more or less highly paid for suggested youtube junk... the list goes on and on and we all know the "normal" rulers of the realm... That said, I take the mentality of "whatever", screw it!
I say make the game to make the game and to play the games you want to play, because chances are all those highly advertised games are not going to come very close to satisfying those desires, thanks to corporate focus on not ******* people off, basically. Thanks for the great offering and I'll be sure to do my part in spreading the word as much as my little self can. Money aint $#!^ but ho's and tricks.

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