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Now lets start marketing this game, development is well under way. Now I need your help to bring it to the device in your pocket!

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The Edge is an Isometric survival game, optimized for mobile devices, with simple controls and simple rules, children and adults alike will bound to be addicted after there first attempt at The Edge. The aim of the game is to survive for as long as you can, while utilizing a series of killsteaks and lasers to destroy your foes. Once you loose your health, don't fret, the game must go on. Unlike traditional gaming where you must get a team mate to revive you or just simply die. The Edge allows you to restore your capabilities to yourself. How? You ask, well when you lose your health, you turn into a character that appears to be an enemy, you must then decide what orange cuboid - boid - you are by firing your laser, using your kill streaks and the bars at the side of the map. Use these to aid in your attempt to collect a health pack without falling off the edge, The pack will restore you back to your original state, allowing you to continue your struggle and beat your high score! Score is determined by time, but there are many factors that could change this. If you stop moving at any point, the timer will gradually decrease, if you get to 0 it is game over! When you have no health and appear as an enemy boid, the timer will also decrease, so you must be quick to collect the health pack!

What will funding this campaign do? For a start you will get a game out of it guaranteed! If the goal is not reached, I will try my best to get the game released on Android within the month. If we are close to reaching the goal, it's possible an iOS release will also come soon.

If the campaign doesn't reach its goal I will try my best to add these features for release

  • QA Testing
  • Improved Audio Assets
  • Additional kill streaks; Rocket jump, Missiles, Laser power-up, boss fights and more

If the goal is reached

  • Apple developer license, allowing for an iOS release
  • Unity Pro License, no longer an indie license!
  • Achievements will be added
  • Extra bosses can be designed and implemented for release
  • Potential to start a Steam Green light campaign

If the goal is surpassed.. first of all thank you so much, I can't wait to make more content for this game and many more.

  • I will be able to add more features to the game, such as on-line leader boards
  • More kill streaks and more in game bosses!
  • More weapons to customize your character
  • A Steam Green light project will be started, once iOS, Android and Windows builds have been completed

There are so many features that could be added to the game. The main one that I want implemented is adding more kill streaks, such as teleport, missile, laser boosts, rocket jump, jet-packs and loads more. These will randomly be assigned in your 4 kill streaks at the right hand side, making each game you play that little bit more random, increasing the re-playability value of the game.

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