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Next devlog for the Real Time Strategy/Tower Defence Game „Planet27”.

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Hi guys,

Welcome to the first dev log in year 2021. There was again a lot of changes since the last dev log.

I Have added now audio Hints to the Game to give some hints how the game can be played. Also i have done a lot of Bug Fixes and new small Features like in Game Music. The most bug fixes needs to be done for the Map on the yellow moon. There was a lot of issues regarding pathfinding for that map.

A small change but a big one for the gameplay is that now units blocks not the space for buildings anymore. If you place a new Building, the units move aside.

Also i have made some small changes for the UI, that it's better understandable for example why a upgrade or a new Building can not be unlocked.

Download on Itch.io:


Any Kind of Feedback is still welcome here or on Discord:


There is also a new Let's Play video of the game:

I have also made a new Video to show the new trailer and audio comments:

And here are some pictures:

ScreenShoot 01 03 2021 13 16 55

ScreenShoot 01 03 2021 13 18 07

ScreenShoot 01 03 2021 13 18 45

ScreenShoot 01 03 2021 13 21 41

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