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Much have happened since the last article and here are some news about the 8Bit Fiesta party game development.

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We have been hard at work since the last article and we are slowly heading towards a full release of the game.

We still add new content almost weekly and try to listen to the feedback on the Steam discussion board as much as possible and add requested features. So if you have any ideas, then you are more than welcome to post them.

Microsoft has approved 8Bit Fiesta for a release on the Xbox One. We have no date set but the goal is to release it sometime during 2016. So stay tuned for more info about this.

WollyBolly: Challenge your friends and keep the ball from hitting your court. Best of three in a game to the death.

Catch Up: Run like Forest Gump and stay on the screen for as long as possible. Last man standing wins!

King Pin: Grab the crown and bring it back to your base. Shoot missiles and stomp on the other players heads to stop them in their tracks.

Physball: This is one of the most popular mini games in 8Bit Fiesta and it has now been reworked with better controls and new design. So let's do some kicking and screaming.

Bull Shit: Put on that hat and run for your life. Stay clear of the bull as long as possible.

Still Thirsty Roulette: A random roulette has been added to the built in optional drinking game.

Singleplayer Bosses: New singleplayer bosses and levels has been added and we are currently working on world 3 of the story mode.

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