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New scene is under construction, and the Home menu as well. The progress is doing fine, and we are planning to build a BOSS. But ... We need your thought.

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3 more weeks, more things are done and the progress is going well.

Let’s begin with the new stage. We’ve finally made something what we want it to be: a true ruin sky tower!

New scene art

New scene art

It is still under construction, but this shows the shape of great architecture in the sky. You are going to jump and bump in the 3 dimension maze, fight and figure out the puzzles.

And how this giant tower look like from far away?

Home menu

This is the concept draw of home menu. You are going to see the button of tower when enter the menu, when you balloon up, a view of the tower from button to top is going to shown.

It seems things are doing fine, so next, what are we planning?

Yes, the BOSS ……

We think it is a good idea to drop some stages, and exchange the time to build BOSSs. After all, it is not important how many stages, but how fun the game presents.Considering the setting and style of Forward to the Sky, what we have in mind for now, there are not going to be character BOSS. Instead, something like a battleship or machine. However, there’s another thought we should make a character BOSS, but that’s a decision left to made.

If we eventually decide to build the BOSSs, we are going to have to look for financial support. The BOSS art is going to cost something more than we affordable now.

Also, as some people has been asking - yes, the skeletons are made by bitgem3d. We bought it because it fit our art style well and we can save the time and budget for something else. And it is the only thing not made by us.

So ... How do you think?
Is it a good idea we make BOSS for the game, or should we just keep on working within our budget? Would you support us if we are going to make BOSS, or you think it is a bad idea?

Guardian_2194600 - - 233 comments

Boss would be nice, maybe implement it later if you have leftover resources from doing what you see as important first.

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Wei.Chen Author
Wei.Chen - - 168 comments

You are right, important things should go first.
But if we are going to build BOSS, our budget won't be sufficient. We'll have to do it more carefully.
Thanks for the comment.

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