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Defending Humanity is a large scale 3D tower defense game in early alpha set in the future on an alien earth like planet.

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A few new levels are being worked on and we wanted to share with you.

Forest Picture 1

This is an alien forest map, this map is one of our smaller maps.

Forest Picture 2

With full camera controls you might have to get a new angle to view under trees and see key battle moments depending on map and terrain :)

Forest Picture video map 160129

This forest level is still being worked on and has more to be added and polished.

Forest Picture video map 160129 1

More to come on the new forest level soon.

Game play and dynamic day/night cycle on fast forward to show in a short clip.

Water reflections in early alpha.

Here is another rocky/spawn level in the very early stages with much more left to do.

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12656057 10206749207223694 66007

12656113 10206749207543702 95014

Dont forget to leave us a comment or ask a question.

There is also a PC and MAC early alpha demo to try and please give us your feedback :)

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