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New flexible parkour system, with working wallrun, climbing and double jump.

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Hi guys. A little late but here's a short update on the game. As mentioned previously, this time it will be about the new parkour system.


The parkour system has been rewritten, mainly taking into consideration of players point of view, and future extensibility. Right now, all the previous functions are there, so player can still double jump, wall run, climb up ledge, ground slide, all without robbing the players of the control.

Here's a walkthrough of what a player could do.

What's Next

With the movement mechanic done, the next plan of action is to start the asset creation, mainly the player model, guns and first iteration of the environment so we could start doing level test.

Once this start is done, we plan to start putting out a closed alpha build.


If you have any ideas or features you wish to see in the parkour system, please feel free to tell us what are your thoughts. Personally, I will like to implement an air gliding wingsuit feature!

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sgmongo - - 53 comments

Pretty cool to be sure. I just tripped across this project, are you planning melee weapons and TPV option as well? If so the flexibility of your movement system would allow for jaw-dropping animations. I'd basically be shelling out whatever you wanted for a copy, and spend my time running about like some kinda of Jackie Chan on roids cutting people up and shooting people from mid-flip 20 feet off a wall. Definitely tracking.

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Sadly this will strictly be a first person view, at least for the initial version. And yes, melee is one of the core pillar of this game, though mostly will focus on sword fighting in the first version. Jackie chan on roids will definitely be cool!

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Momo_Mccloud - - 2 comments

Nice parkour....

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Cheers mate!

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udellgames - - 4 comments

Looks awesome, can't wait to try it!

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tschery - - 179 comments

looks great only the wallrun seems to be really slow

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velsthinez Author
velsthinez - - 145 comments

Looking at it again, I agree. Have to make it more snappy! Thanks for pointing it out!

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