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The new name has been announced for the indie video game formerly known as "Sprout". In celebration of the brand new name, as well as a large amount of additional development being completed, I've posted a brand new trailer.

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What a wild ride. This past couple weeks has been a blur with the discovery that the name "Sprout" was not only already being used for an Indie game at one point (Shouts out to Sprout's Tale!!) but is also trademarked in US and Canada, with the Canadian trademark belonging to an Educational software development company. Pretty much a no brainer that I'd need to change the name or start scraping together my lawyer fees.

That being said, I couldn't be more proud of the new name as it encompasses more of the feel i was going for, with a cosmic mystique to it in amidst the scientific tomfoolery. In addition to the name, I took it as an opportunity to design the brand new logo / branding image as well, which I feel gives a much better idea of the feel of the game: Plant cool plants and shoot cool alien things.

In addition to all of this, I have also relaunched the Steam Greenlight with the brand new logo and trailer, as well as some improved gameplay descriptions and other verbiage.

All this to present to you: Cosmochoria. Have a look at the trailer, I'd love to hear what you think!

If you think the project looks good, I'd cherish a Yes vote from you on Greenlight. :)


I just happened to stumble upon this game, but I'm going to try reading through some of your past blog entries later today. This game looks superb! I'll make sure to give it a vote later today on Greenlight, but until then, best of luck with the project. The art design is really beautiful, and the 2D planet-hopping gameplay reminds me of a brilliant little mobile game called Soosiz, only much more frantic.

..And, with jetpacks. You can never go wrong with jetpacks.

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Wow thanks for the heads up on Soosiz - looks really great and I totally see the similarities especially in the layout rotation / gravity effects! A lot of the rotation / planet inspiration for Cosmochoria came from the "Raphael" boss fight in the Yoshi's Island game for SNES. the very first time i played that i was totally blown away at the mechanics of being stationary while the world spun around me.. very cool stuff indeed.

Thanks for stumbling onto the game! I hope I can keep you interested until release time haha. :) Hugs.

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