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Hey folks! I just released a new demo level for Fumiko! A completely new level to get a sneak peek at the game - This level also acts as a prologue to the game. Enjoy!

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Demo Level #4

preview level screenshot

A few weeks in now from being full-time! So far it's a great experience. All my focus can go into finishing the game now and I don't get interrupted by doing part-time work anymore.

With that additional time I was able to create a fresh and new demo level for the game. Again it's an extra area that is not part of the main plot - but this time, it's kind of a prologue to the game with a hint on the story. It's more linear than the actual game, but performs well at showing some game mechanics.

You can download the new preview level here

Updated Demo #3.1

In addition to the new preview level, the old one was updated to 3.1. and profits from all improvements that have gone into the game since.

You can download the old preview level here

Chapter 3 Progress

There's already some progress for chapter 3. The final scene in the second chapter puts Fumiko! in a dangerous place. The shatters of the world around her are acting trying to act as a cage. Will you be able to traverse the corrupted remains of a once lively place?

destroyed 2

Later in chapter 3, Fumiko will visit the Zeus Cluster. The Zeus Cluster features the homeworld of Ariana the Beauty - An elegant and filthy rich woman. She will help Fumiko - But can you trust her?

A preview of her character model can be seen here. Her most noticable attribute is the transparent cloak.

Thank you for reading!

Have fun playing the demo and see you next time. :)

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