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Post news RSS New Dawn: Dev Log (IndieDB) #2

Some vast improvements since my last post. I've even thrown a video together showing off some combat, dodge rolling, and more!

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Hey all! So first off thanks for taking the time to read up on New Dawn! If you're just checking out this project for the first time, be sure to read into it in the summary and first Article!

Anywho, progress since last Dev Log:

~Basic Combat~

I've got some basic combat in! This includes vitals, displaying damage, death, and the implementation of hitboxes and different types of combat. (Also includes dodge rolling)

~AI Pathfinding~

So at first I was going to implement A* pathfinding, but upon reaching the halfway mark I realized that the world size was simply much too large for it to be possible. Just trying to create the grid for one 256x256 voxel chunk was taking 15 minutes!

So, I designed my own system that works just perfectly for the game and is infinitely more optimized and smooth. (at least for the scale)

AI now longer get caught on terrain and will navigate around any obstacles!


That's right, I have flying fireballs that deal damage upon impact. This system works for arrows, thrown weapons, you name it!

~Skill Framework~

The active abilities in battle now have a base framework in place. All I have to do is make animations and punch in some base data values and viola! New skill with unique movements, animations, damage, ect!

Here's a little video of most of what was listed above so far :D

Hope you guys all tune in and give feedback to help steer the direction of the game!


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