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Dawn is a voxel-based Open World RPG with the strategic element of Tribe Building. The game is set in a world much similar to our Americas before even the Vikings landed there. Enter a brutal world where beasts, monsters, and the elements all threaten your life. Choose your tribe and fight for survival as you hack, slash, sneak, harvest, hunt, fly, explore, and skinwalk through the lands of the ancients.

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Dawn Dev Log (IndieDB) #3


Long time no update!

Hello there, dear reader, and welcome to a new dev log for Dawn (formerly New Dawn). It's been quite a while since I've updated the Indie DB page for Dawn and for that I apologize. I'll be updating this more often in the future. However, long time no update means there's much that has been done!

~Combat Improvements~

There has been many many combat improvements to Dawn over the past few months. This coupled with the new Combat Skills is shaping up to be a nice combat system. Here's a video on Skills. Keep in mind the chunk I've rendered here is just used for testing.

Improvements include damage counters, vitals, animations, etc etc etc.

Most recently I've finished Swimming and started with sound:

I've started to release Daily Changelogs as well. Here's today's:

+ Statistical Damage Formulas
+ Foundation of Combat Stun
* Tweaked Gravity and Jumping to feel better and less rapid/floaty
* Granted more Invincible Frames to the Dodge Roll
+ Foundations of Enemy Swimming

That's all for today lads and lasses. I'll be updating this more and more as in the days/weeks to come!

New Dawn: Dev Log (IndieDB) #2

New Dawn: Dev Log (IndieDB) #2


Some vast improvements since my last post. I've even thrown a video together showing off some combat, dodge rolling, and more!

New Dawn: Dev Log (IndieDB) #1

New Dawn: Dev Log (IndieDB) #1


Hey all! So today I'll be going over what's been accomplished so far and what's still to come!

SkywardRiver Creator

More info coming on the morrow.

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