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The NeuroSlicers Pre-Alpha has gone live. Head to the official Discord server, grab a key and jack into the NeuroNet. See you on the other side, Slicers!

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After several months of blood, sweat and programmer tears, we're happy to announce that the NeuroSlicers Pre-Alpha phase 2 test is now live!

Head to the official NeuroSlicers Discord to grab a key and jump into the action across a whole load of cool content.

We've also gone live with our Steam Page, so be sure to head over and check it out - and don't forget to give it a wishlist :)

image 6

So what exactly does the Pre-Alpha contain? Well, his a breakdown:

  • The Outskirts and Construct. The first of many cool locations around the city of Catena that you'll be Slicing in.
  • First two Solo Campaign missions set within the Construct
  • 1v1 and 2v2 Competitive PVP with Ranking system
  • Our first PVPVE Mode with its own special Ranking System called Escalation, which ramps up the difficulty as you get better at the game.
  • Fully voiced cast of characters with their own sets of Contracts for you to complete. You'll have to earn their trust in order to access their better Contracts or learn more about them, the city, the NeuroNet and what it means to be a Slicer. Every NPC has something they can offer - but only to those that help them out.
  • Ability (Scripts) levelling and customization for the Solo and PVPVE modes.
  • 15 Scripts (out of our target of 60+ at launch) and 2 Node Tech paths to choose from, each with a whole set of Nodes that completely change how you need to play.

gameplay GIF 2

In other news, we've got a brand new Logo design for the game. What do you think?

header capsule HD

Check out some additional images from the latest pre-alpha test:

Screenshot 440

Screenshot 443

baszermaszer - - 446 comments

I would buy a turn-based strategy NeuroSlicers!

I had to carefully go through several YT videos, because videoframes looked like you have some Blackguards / Fallout Tactics style Battlescape. Then it turned out your game isn't turn-based. :D

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DreamHarvestGames Author
DreamHarvestGames - - 6 comments

Hehe, yea, its very much real-time - though, due to removing micro from Units, you're free to make larger tactical decisions focused on territory control, resource management, upgrading stuff and general battlefield dominance.

Who knows, maybe we'll do a turn-based strategy game in the future set within the same universe :)

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