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In a future torn between two realities; the real and a city-wide networked cyber-layer called the NeuroNet, you must battle across the city of Catena to discover the secrets of the network, and the factions and corporations fighting for its control. Customise, adapt and defeat. You are NeuroSlicers.


NeuroSlicers is an online, narrative-driven, post-cyberpunk strategy game that has its roots in RTS yet totally modernizes the genre. Every element has been streamlined to create a fresh experience that is easy to pick up, while still retaining the high skill ceiling expected of real-time strategy.

Instead of seeing how fast you can click, NeuroSlicers tasks you with how fast you can think. Using intelligent AI-powered units, you are free to make more significant, more strategic decisions that focus on territory control, resource management, upgrading and careful placement of customizable buildings, units and powerful function abilities called Scripts.


As a Freelance Slicer, you are free to engage with the Factions of Catena however, you please. Earn, craft and level up customizable Node Tech, Scripts and Mods to grow your power as you journey through an epic, ongoing narrative campaign that combines Solo, Co-Op, PVP and PVPVE gameplay into a seamless whole.


With Competitive PVP matches in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and free-for-all modes, unique solo and co-op levels, and other bonus PVE and PVPVE modes, you're free to progress through NeuroSlicers in the way you find most enjoyable.


In Catena, the NeuroNet is everything. It enhances every aspect of living, ensuring the populace lives their fullest, most vibrant lives possible. It is utterly ubiquitous.
And completely inescapable.

Embark on a journey that spans the city to uncover the truth about the NeuroNet and those that fight to control it. Build dynamic relationships with a cast of vibrant characters who may aid, or hinder, you as you work towards becoming the ultimate Slicer.


NeuroSlicers has been built with our community from day 1. To create something that pushes the RTS genre forward, we listen to every suggestion and idea put forward by our players. Be sure to join our Discord and have your say in shaping the game.


  • An ongoing narrative that will continue to evolve post-launch
  • Real-time strategic gameplay that focuses on macro over micro
  • eSports ready Competitive PVP with all abilities unlocked, for truly balanced gameplay
  • Narrative campaign that combines Solo, Co-Op and PVPVE gameplay
  • A refreshing take on the RTS genre that offers a unique experience while maintaining the fundamentals of fast-paced, highly strategic gameplay.
  • Free-form gameplay allowing for true customization of the units, buildings and powers you take into battle
  • Competitive ranking in PVP and an ‘Escalation’ system in all other game modes that progresses difficulty alongside your play.
  • Fully voiced, diverse cast of NPCs to build relationships with, each with their set of systems, goals and opportunities to offer.
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After several months of blood, sweat and programmer tears, we're happy to announce that the NeuroSlicers Pre-Alpha phase 2 test is now live!

Head to the official NeuroSlicers Discord to grab a key and jump into the action across a whole load of cool content.

We've also gone live with our Steam Page, so be sure to head over and check it out - and don't forget to give it a wishlist :)

image 6

So what exactly does the Pre-Alpha contain? Well, his a breakdown:

  • The Outskirts and Construct. The first of many cool locations around the city of Catena that you'll be Slicing in.
  • First two Solo Campaign missions set within the Construct
  • 1v1 and 2v2 Competitive PVP with Ranking system
  • Our first PVPVE Mode with its own special Ranking System called Escalation, which ramps up the difficulty as you get better at the game.
  • Fully voiced cast of characters with their own sets of Contracts for you to complete. You'll have to earn their trust in order to access their better Contracts or learn more about them, the city, the NeuroNet and what it means to be a Slicer. Every NPC has something they can offer - but only to those that help them out.
  • Ability (Scripts) levelling and customization for the Solo and PVPVE modes.
  • 15 Scripts (out of our target of 60+ at launch) and 2 Node Tech paths to choose from, each with a whole set of Nodes that completely change how you need to play.

gameplay GIF 2

In other news, we've got a brand new Logo design for the game. What do you think?

header capsule HD

Check out some additional images from the latest pre-alpha test:

Screenshot 440

Screenshot 443

NeuroSlicers Public Pre-Alpha Phase 2 Test Launches 30th July!

NeuroSlicers Public Pre-Alpha Phase 2 Test Launches 30th July!

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We’ve been working on a whole load of other cool stuff including overall better visual feedback systems, improvements to the Node Tech systems, Contracts...

The March NeuroSlicers Newsletter: Going Meta

The March NeuroSlicers Newsletter: Going Meta


Hello, Slicers! Long time no newsletter, sorry about that. We have been working away at a lot of different parts of the game and you have been long due...




Its been an exciting couple of months at Dream Harvest with the big Korean Games Festival build / Milestone which we were working towards and successfully...

NeuroSlicers Newsletter: Neural Art Overload

NeuroSlicers Newsletter: Neural Art Overload


Welcome to another update on the development of NeuroSlicers. The first month of the year has gone by in a flash, but it's also been crazy productive...


Looks amazing!

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