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For VR hopefuls, the adoption of mod support in three prominent VR titles is exciting for the innovation that is likely to come.

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If you are anything like me and joined the VR hype wave back when it was all sticky tape and cardboard, only to be disappointed once the big companies swooped in and crushed most of the hacker-led innovation, the recent rise in modding on VR is a fantastic sign.

I have built communities for mod creators all my life (beginning with site site ModDB in 2002), and the one thing that no longer surprizes me is how talented and capable you [the mod] creators are. Afterall you don't have to look far for proof with the origin story for many of the industries biggest hits and gameplay genres able to be traced back to ideas that emerged from mods like Counter-Strike, PUBG, DotA and others.

So the inclusion of creator tools in more and more VR games is clearly exciting for a medium that continues to cry out for developers to try new and interesting techniques to maximize the immersion the form factor provides.

Contractors VR m3

WW2 loadout mod for Contractors VR

We've already seen how VRChat grew due to its focus on customization features, and the recent launch of Valve's critically acclaimed Half-Life: Alyx with Workshop support has got many excited. Intent to continue this momentum through our modding service mod.io, we have recently begun working with a number of VR games to support their modding goals and are proud to talk about what we've accomplished with the launch of two mod supported VR games today.

For the first time gamers can enjoy modding supported VR games on Steam, Oculus and Viveport. What's particularly notable, is that the support includes the Oculus Quest an Android based device, which highlights the flexibility of the mod.io SDK/API for VR game developers who want to integrate cross-platform modding, no matter which store or device their players come from.

The new capability is live in the VR games SWORDS of GARGANTUA and Contractors VR from today. SWORDS of GARGANTUA modders can create enemy waves and adjust enemy, player and weapon stats right now. Contractors VR modders can create new maps, guns and game modes and mix them together to make unique experiences.

Contractors VR arrow

Bow and Arrow Ninja mod for Contractors VR

It's exciting to be playing a small part in the growth of modding on VR, after all modding has always been such a powerful source of creativity, it’s interesting to contemplate what innovation will come from this.

Developers if you are interested in finding out how we can help you support cross-platform modding in your games, contact developers@mod.io to find out more.

PurpleGaga27 - - 2,066 comments

I am afraid with the widening gap of the poor versus the rich, the VR popularity may very well last for a short time period, as many people cannot afford owning pricey hardware compared to those who can. That is if prices for VR equipment go down where people can afford it. Besides isn't cloud gaming supposed to replace most games that usually require heavy hardware? I know cloud gaming hasn't reached VR yet, but it will happen soon.

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Guest - - 696,589 comments

In reality, it is easier then ever to get into VR, you can pick up a windows mixed reality for around $280, and yes it does require some hardware to run it, but if you plan on playing any AAA titles on your computer then it should be powerful enough to run VR/WMR. I first started out in VR with a older I5 and a RX 480, that is a relatively cheap build but did the job great. Yes, specific games in VR may require a lot more, however, it is cheaper then ever to get into VR, and I think that will only improve with the technology.

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INtense! Author
INtense! - - 4,098 comments

VR will absolutely become more accessible over time. It will take longer than most forms of new hardware, but as we see with every console generation, at first they are crazy expensive then gradually the price comes down to an affordable level

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HangPhyr - - 235 comments

+1 on that. New technology is always very expensive then becomes more affordable over time if it catches on. The first ranks of new adopters with the disposable income are essentially investing in it becoming not only more affordable, but improving the quality.

I don't think cloud gaming such as Stadia will replace local hardware anytime soon, and local peripherals such as VR would always be a requirement even with streaming.

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ddadd - - 124 comments

Just get windows mixed reality. It's only a hundred dollars, no cameras needed. Only problem is you need a good computer.

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GamesAreFunOk - - 132 comments

you can get a rift S for what, 450€? Less in the used market. Theres also cloud computers with Titan X, 32GB ram etc for 13€ a month. (not an ad but for example google shadow cloud gaming)

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Vertelame - - 440 comments

internet connection is rather the issue in that case, after all, where i live we survive with pre youtube internet speeds.

but is a good point, evolution crushes everything that doesnt work, and if this is the case with the way Vr is spreading right now, its going to happen, just remember what happend with the hud glases google and microsft were doing years ago.

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medve - - 1,475 comments

as purple said. its not about buying a pointless and unsupported product, you also need room for it where you dont knock off the big tv or the lamps. the full vr experience is not for everyone, and the statistics show that on steam too.

plus new games barely have any mod support.

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gareen - - 102 comments

I have vonderful idea for hl alyx mod- Dead space vr

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