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Our second devlog for SpaceSlog where we talk about mod support.

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Mod Support in SpaceSlog

In this update video we focus on the importance of mod support in SpaceSlog plus various other ramblings.

Being the creator of a popular Game of Thrones mod i know creating mods can be time consuming and can be met with certain restrictions. Modding is fun, and for some the fun part can be overcoming such restrictions. For SpaceSlog we aim to remove as many of those restrictions as possible, allowing people to create the exact modification they wish.

My work within the modding scene over the last decade has also influenced the reasons why i want SpaceSlog to be as fully modifiable as possible. We go into these reasons a little bit in the video and show whats currently possibly. We also talk a little bit about what we expect for the future. Of course all of this comes down to the scope of the game and how long we can actually spend on development. Which also depends on how popular the game will be, or if at all.

You can also check out our last video which i forgot to post here.

You can take a look at my Game of Thrones mod here

ssd21345 - - 175 comments

Sounds noice progreess, few questions:
Will script modding allowed?
Will ingame editor for the item? Yes, I know JSON is easy to learn but the missing comma lol

Since you plan to put the game on steam for testing, will you put the game in Steam's NextFest as limited time demo?

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produno AuthorOnline
produno - - 1,635 comments

Hey, thanks!

I plan on looking into side loading PCK files which may allow the player to add there own scripts through components. The idea is the player can create a component and then add those to items via the JSON files. Though its still early days yet and im not sure entirely how it will all work.

I would love to have some kind of editor to allow players to easily modify items, though this depends on scope and how much time i have to work on things like that. First i need to ensure we have a game worthy of modifying first.

We are still deciding the logistics of when to put the game on steam, so for now i am not sure. A limited demo would be a good idea and i like the idea of being able to be transparent with what the game currently includes before people decide to hit that purchase button.

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