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A quick look at the princess of Atlantis, who's fighting back for her rightful place as the future queen.

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Nara Sculpture

Nara, the young princess of Atlantis, fights tirelessly for her people and against the forces of corruption, but her control over her kingdom is slipping away.

As a member of Atlantis's royal family, Nara is highly intelligent and well-versed in warfare and combat. Though she may not be able to match the skills of the esteemed Atla "Elite," her fighting style has quickly become a whirlwind of danger for her opponents.

The Atla have always been known as the warriors of the ocean, and Nara takes her duty to fight back against corruption personally. After losing her parents to a recent attack, she has become emotional and desperate to find a path to victory.

Despite the weight of her responsibilities, Nara remains confident and inquisitive, with a knack for learning about her allies and enemies alike. Her noble upbringing provides her with the tools to strategize and lead her people, even in the face of adversity.

Nara Ref 1

Nara and the Atla people were designed after the Orca whale, one of the ocean's apex predators. Nara wields a trusty abalone spear embedded with an enchanted gem that harnesses the power of the ocean, which she can cast as powerful magic. Her protective abalone armor and crown mark her as the rightful ruler of Atlantis.

She also holds a unique and powerful gem that shields her from the call of Sirens and the effects of dark magic, a tool that has proven invaluable in the recent invasions.

Nara Ref 2

With the arrival of the Trident Warrior Nara finally has a glimmer of hope in the face of corruption. Despite the seriousness and stress of her position, she remains committed to finding the best possible path forward for her people.

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