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In this report i discuss all the progress made so far and a little about the upcoming demo and stages.

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Development log:

Hello welcome to my first development post in this section i will go over my changelog and explain what was done.
Created chekpoint sound: I made my own chekpoint sound that fits the game style.

Added the first soundtrack for the race: I went to Zapsplat website they offer a big library of sound effects and music for free provided you give the accreditation.

Created a checkpoint system:
Using tutorial where once you pass through checkpoint will be deleted even if you drive in reverse. If you miss it, or if you drive behind it it will stay until you pass it properly.

Created a shack toy house: Used default starter pack from UE4 and created an enterable shack, and added the track to go between the shacks.

Created a respawn system: if a player is flipped after a 4 second delay he will spawn back at the last checkpoint he cleared. However it does not work if player is stuck at 15 degree angle this feature will be updated as game develops.

Added timer to display race time: Basic timer added.

Updated timer: Timer was updated to show best lap and race time.

Implemented Save game system: Implemented save game so if you make best race time it will be saved also added works with best lap race, and added ability to reset times.

Implemented UI System.

Updated UI System: Added more functionality to UI (best race time and best lap time) as separated elements.

Completed tutorials: Finished with tutorial series ironed out hud display.

Potentially fixed a bug with respawn: when player respawns if the car is flipped it will respawn it back at the last checkpoint, however if race is set to 2 laps or more it will count it as if he already passed the first lap and will update best lap and race.

First demo and stages:

The first demo should be done and out by early June. The demo will feature multiple custom maps designed by me and using some UE4 default map parts. In order to load the next race i will implement a simple system where once the player completes the race he can press num: 1-4 and it will load the map; I am not shure how many maps will be added but i will be providing a manual in demo as well, by then i will know and i will mark each number with map and name them. Lastly i would like to go over stages aka roadmap, now at the moment i dont have a said roadmap but something simular i call Wishlist. Wishlist is a list of things i want to add to the game to enhance the gameplay, here is the list of those features;

Finish the first map time attack races.
Add Free roam mode, where players will be able to drive around map (interior of a house) to unlock and do races.
Add garage.
Add multiple vehicles.
Add store for vehicles.
Add Micro-Towns.
Add npc-pedestrians walking around towns and driving on roads. (Toy npc's).
Add game abilities in race.
Add game currency Micro-Coins.

Also i have next on to do list, where i go over what is my next stage and what needs to be implemented next, here it is:

Create Checkpoint model.
Make low poly tree and other assets for first track.
Make race road of different types as well as Loop if possible.

Thats all the news for the first report, follow me on discord for the latest news on development and participate in development to get cool rewards.

Discord.gg Our discord link

Youtube.com my youtube link

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