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Post news RSS Merry Makersmas! Mondrian - Plastic Reality 1.0.6 Now Available

Our first ever celebration of self-promotion and all things creative is live! Come share your portfolios & earn daily in-game rewards to help build your Art Museum.

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Merry Makersmas everybody! Our first ever Creators Event is now LIVE! Makersmas is a celebration of self-promotion and all things creative. We welcome artists of all types to come onto our Steam Community or Discord to share their work with the world. The best part? You do not need to own the game to participate! Whether you’re a painter, photographer, graphic designer, 3D modeler, writer, musician, or even game developer, come show the world what you’re working on! Post your portfolios, social media links, Patreon, Kickstarter, KoFi, or other crowdfunding page as well. Makersmas lasts from today through January 15, and we have a lot in store.

While creatives will be able to enjoy each other’s work, share feedback, and maybe even land a contract gig or two on our Steam Community, players in Mondrian – Plastic Reality itself will be able to enjoy one of our biggest updates so far! The Museum has gotten a big overhaul, with two trees in either corner added for the extent of Makersmas – a pine tree and a crystalline tree. You can click each these trees once a day to earn free presents! The pine tree gives you museum decorations (walls, floors, pedestals, and artpieces) and the crystalline tree gives you a Gem worth between 300 and 3000 Gems! Three new walls, three new floors, six new artpieces, and eighteen(!) new pedestals have been added to the Museum as well, bringing the total possible museums you can build to over 1.5 million!

Makersmas will not just comprise a single game update though. Starting next week we will be diving back into Mondrian Maker with some more important bug fixes. Speaking of Mondrian Maker though, as this is Makersmas, we are inviting everyone to create Holiday-Themed works and share them to Steam Workshop! Mondrian Maker has already received a small update with the “Makersmas 2020” tag being automatically applied to uploaded works. At the end of Makersmas, we’ll give our favorite levels custom thumbnail frames to celebrate the occasion! We’ve also been sitting on seasonal-themed levels for some time now, so after the Mondrian Maker update we’ll be getting those uploaded too. All levels, whether from us or from the community, can be downloaded for free from Steam Workshop.

Here are the full patch notes. You can also view them on the Patch Notes page.


  • Merry Makersmas! For our first ever Creators Holiday, we’ve added some special trees to the Museum. Both trees will let you open daily presents! The Christmas Tree on the left will grant you free Museum Decorations (Floors, Walls, Pedestals, and Artpieces); and the Crystal Tree on the right will give you a daily gem bonus!
  • Added Snow to the Main Menu for the duration of Makersmas
  • Added Holiday themed walls (Green Wreaths, Candy Cane, and Hannukart Ugly Weater) and Floors (Holiday Chevron, Red Tartan Carpet, and Blue Tartan Carpet) to the Museum. Unlock these from the Christmas Tree!
  • Added 18 new Wooden Pedestals, Golden Oak and Black Cherry, in Modern, Classic, and Tapered styles
  • Added 6 new Artworks: Maximum Antler, Judah’s Shield, Little Tree, Glass Bird, Lamp, and Backscratcher
  • Added 3 new Steam Achievements: Makersmas Riches (open 10 Gem presents), Makersmas Goodies (open 10 Decoration presents), and Makersmas Avarice (open 50 presents total)
  • Check out our Steam Community for all manner of other Makersmas goodies and see what the internet’s creative community is working on! Feel free to share your own work too, including crowdfunding campaigns! Keep it PG and no spamming, please.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a BIG bug in the Museum that caused inventory items (Pedestals, Artpieces, and Constructions) to disappear when scrolling through inventory pages with the arrows
  • Fixed Spotlights in the Museum not appearing when they were left blank the last time you left the museum
  • Fixed Artpieces in the Museum being placed behind the hanging artworks
  • Fixed an Adventure Mode bug where replaying levels loaded the wrong level
  • Fixed an Adventure Mode bug where replaying levels after beating the episode would result in blank levels
  • Fixed Museum Lightboxes sometimes having extended load times. The loading process has been optimized into a few loops, similar to level loading, rather than cramming it all into one line
  • Fixed Exhibit Mode not working in Night Mode
  • Fixed a Museum bug that would leave the control prompts up after skipping dialogue
  • Fixed a Museum bug that would let you select Inventory items from a blank box, resulting in… a bad kind of nothing.

A couple more things! What good is a Holiday party without an ugly sweater? Make sure to pick up limited edition Makersmas merch on our Redbubble shop! We have sweaters (obviously), shirts, and more with our Makersmas 2020 design on it, and these will only be available through January, so don’t miss out! You can also catch Danny in the first ever episode of “Hit Save!” a new podcast “to advocate for, initiate, support, and maintain video game preservation efforts through community-driven projects.” Danny and host Jonas chat for over an hour about the origins of Lantana Games, the Mondrian series, Plastic Reality‘s development, and 2021’s goals to open the game as a live events platform for the art world.

Once again, Merry Makersmas everybody! We’re excited to see the kinds of creative endeavors you’re undertaking, what you can cook up in Mondrian Maker, and how many of you will celebrate long enough to unlock all three of the Makersmas Steam Achievements. Don’t forget to grab the game on Steam if you haven’t, and as always, thank you for playing, and have fun!

– Danny

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