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The dark and cold is taking hold where we are, so this week we can all blame Meness the Moon god for it. 🌘 You've seen a little bit of his gameplay, and now there's a closer look at his lore.

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Meness lore and skills

God of the Moon. Patron of warriors. The nine horned stag.

Meness lights a silver path for warriors as they travel at night, stalking like wolves, striking the enemy at its most vulnerable, then disappearing into the shadows.

The common folk describe him as a warrior prince in bright armor and a cape of stars, but he is a king in his own right. A god most receptive to prayers while quick to anger at mockery

Taking care of his stardaughters, he counts them all each night. In doing so, he teaches mathematics and astronomy to humanity. Tribes organize their life according to the lunar calendar, with the waxing moon promoting growth, the waning destruction.

Meness was married to Saule, the sun goddess, but they have grown apart since. Now they watch over opposite sides of the day.

Meness closeup

Dark it was, light it became,
Meness rode at night.
I saddled a black horse
With silver reins and coins.
Then I could ride in the dark,
When the moon would shine.
Now my horse glistens
In a blanket of stars.

GIF HeroAbilityMeness

A high damage dealing assassin that uses ambush tactics.

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