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After 1.5 years of development we are finally reaching the final stage of the game, we will announce an official launch date soon!

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We uploaded the latest version of Megabyte Punch. The version number is 11.5 and you probably won't see a lot of differences with the previous update since most of it is under the hood. We fixed a silly color bug that was only noticeable when you installed the game for the first time with Update 11. We also added some AI fight mode behavior they are a bit less suicidal now. The HUD is a bit more subtle and dynamically scales to your screen resolution. We also added 5 new parts that are currently only available in the part store. You can find the full list of changes below.

We didn't work on Megabyte Punch full time last weeks. We also worked on our little competitive baseball fighting game Lethal League which you can play here:Lethalleague.reptile-games.com
So what's up next? Well, we are going to finish up Megabyte Punch! After 1.5 years of development we are finally reaching the final stage of the game, we will announce an official launch date soon! We are trying to set up some sort of a close Beta (for testing purposes) for who have pre-ordered the game. More details on this will follow later though. We will now lock up our self in the office to start the official crunch, there is a lot left to do!

General fixes and changes:
+ Dynamic HUD size
+ 5 new parts
+ Ai behavior
+ more bombs in Ancient tech to prevent getting stuck
+ some sort of display platform in your house (The camera zooms in to check your parts)
* fixed a color bug
* fixed minor issues- Deleted the version update notifier in the menu (Playtomic quit their services)
~ Minor changes in a few fighting stages

Combat and movement tweaks:
~ Uppercut and Pound ability a bit less overpowered
~ Megabyte Punch punches through a shield now
~ Slicedash a bit more powerful
~ Increased the hitbox of the ground up attack
~ Slightly increased the virus slice ability hitbox



I think the HUD scaling is a huge difference for me, those little things like that tend to make a huge impression for myself. Glad that you guys thought to fix that.

Random question, but after release will there be some kind of official mod-kit, or at least support for user created content? I know its rather early to ask but still, if there is plans then I can presume it would extend life to the game.

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TimReptile Author

That HUD was pretty unpolished before and kept annoying us for a bit, since it wasn't exactly game breaking we had to postpone it a little. But now i'm glad it's fixed. :)

Unfortunately we can't really answer -after release- questions yet.

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