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Huge update including 2 new characters, 3 new stages, 4 player mode, squash mode, new items and more!

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church gameplay small 2

Development on SpiritSphere has been going well, and instead of releasing multiple small updates I've decided to bundle everything into one mega update!

So what's new?



Just like her sister Lin, Taya is an all-around character character. Her standard attack is quite slow, but covers a wide area. She can make turns while dashing, which makes her very agile! And she is the only character with a ranged special attack, the fireball! Charge it up completely to fire a bigger projectile.


Baphomet is trying to get his hands on the SpiritSphere to fulfill his evil desires. He uses his cape to reflect the sphere back towards you, and can do so whilst moving! While his movement is quite slow, his dash is very long to compensate. And as a unique ability, he can actually hold the ball whilst charging his special move!


Ancient Arena

For those of you who did not try out the experimental branch; The Ancient Arena is a stage with a unique scoring mechanic. The goals are divided in different sections, score in the red zone for 2 points, and in the orange zone for a single point as usual.


The swamp is quite wide stage, but features 2 barriers on each side of the playing field. Try not to get dizzy as the ball bounces between the barriers!


The church is the lair of Baphomet, and is quite an epic scene! The stage is quite straight forward and features no stage hazards or items. Perfect for competitive play!

4 player mode
You can finally play the game with 4 players in a frantic team-battle now. It can become quite a chaos, but the 4 player mode is the most fun way to play SpiritSphere in my opinion. Be sure to take roles on who guards the goal and who's on the offense!

Squash mode
The Squash Mode is an new game mode with entirely different rules from regular SpiritSphere matches. Players take turn in hitting the sphere against the wall. When the sphere hits the back wall during your turn, or your touch the sphere in your opponents turn you lose a point!
It's completely different from the regular mode, and once the sphere speeds up matches can become incredibly frantic.



The bombs are a throwable item that explode on landing. It stuns your opponent for quite a long time and creates a perfect opening to score a point.

shrink spell
When the sphere is under influence of the shrink spell it will shrink whenever it moves towards your opponent and will grow whenever it moves towards you. In short, ease to hit for you, but hard to hit for your opponent!

While SpiritSphere is primarily a multiplayer game, I've spiced up the singleplayer mode too make it a bit more versatile.
- Improved stage and opponent randomization
- Added squash matches
- Added a minigame, good to earn coins!

I've added a few spheres;
- Coin sphere : A sphere to drops coins every few hits, perfect for farming gold!
- Item Sphere : A sphere that drops items every few hits, things can get very crazy when using this sphere. Perfect for a "party" mode kind of match!
- Fire sphere: The sphere shoots a fireball towards your opponent's side of the field whenever you hit it.
- Potato : The potato speeds up whenever it bounces off the edges of the stage, making it quite unpredictable!

I've noticed that some new players often overlooked techniques like the dash and the charged move, so I've added a small tutorial when you start up the game for the first time. If you want to check out the tutorial again, it's in the options menu!

I've added a whole bunch of achievements, and there are now 15 in total. Some achievements are unobtainable if you use cheats, so be careful about that! Clearing your savegame through the options menu should make it possible for you to acquire them again.

On some setups, the environment would have visible lines between each tile. I'm glad to say I finally managed to fix this!
The UI might still suffer from this issue. But a new update to my development software might fix this soon!

Word on savegames: With all these changes, it's possible for some users that their savegame won't load correctly, resulting in lost progress. Unfortunately there is nothing to be done about this.

Phew, that should cover all of it. It seems like the game is nearing completion
I hope you'll have fun with all the new features!

Let me know what you think in the discussions what you think of all the new features!


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