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Crocodiles, ducks and zooming golf carts make their debut in today's Resort Boss: Golf update!

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Hello all,

I'm excited to announce that Resort Boss: Golf has just received a massive update, which introduces drivable golf carts, tournaments, wildlife, enhanced golf gameplay, improved camera freedom and more, along with countless bug fixes.

Challenge scenarios, driving ranges and putting greens are all coming in Resort Boss: Golf's next update, so watch out for news!

To celebrate today's massive update, Resort Boss: Golf is now available at 33% off! Offer runs until 19 May.

Read on for full details on today's brand new features and various big fixes!

New Features

Golf Carts

Players can now build golf cart garages on their resort, which allows golfers to rent carts for their time on the course, giving you a new potential income avenue and allowing golfers to move through the course faster.

Players can also ride golf carts by right-clicking on the terrain to bring up the new context menu, which allows them to spawn golf carts and enter them (by right clicking on the golf cart).

There are 6 types of golf carts, each with varied handling setup and speed/acceleration attributes. Spawning a cart is free, but only allows you to run around the resort.


Players are now able to host and play tournaments! Tournaments will currently bring in extra revenue if you can make them appealing enough for golfers. They require a course to be setup, and are completely customizable. While the tournament is ongoing, regular golfers won't be able to play on that course. Players can also choose to partake in the tournament, and receive the cash prize and the trophy should they win.


A series of animals were added to the golf course! Buy ducks, turtles, alligators, and more and place them around your resort to beautify and add more interesting points for the golfers! More animals will be added as early access gets underway, as well as expansion of the systems.

New Golf Gameplay

The point and click golf gameplay has been augmented by power bars! Players will still use the old way of dragging the mouse to aim their shot, which will update a marker on the power bar giving players the location of where they should attempt to hit. Players will click once to get the power bar rolling, then click again to set the power, and click again to set the accuracy. There is also the possibility to add spin to your shots!

Golfer Emoticons

Golfers will now express their current feelings via emoticon popups after taking a shot or performing some action out on your resort. These will correlate to the feeling felt by the golfer when they have a thought.

Camera Freedom

Lowered the minimum rotation angle of the camera and increased the maximum zoom in distance so that players can get up and close to the action. Players are also now able to properly see the sky!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where messages would be regenerated when the listing was clicked.
  • Calendar and date picker now have a today button to bring you back to the correct time.
  • Fixed issue with date picker not closing
  • Fed ducks super food and now they are doubled in size.
  • Ducks will now loiter around properly.
  • Ducks no longer fly in the air like maniacs.
  • Fixed crash that was leading the save game box to not close properly.
  • Fixed autosave freeze when wildlife is available.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the golf cart.
  • Fixed snapping of the ducks. - CONFIRM
  • Improved the loading of the AI.
  • Fixed label on the wildlife menu.
  • Increased the size of the cart UI to make it more readable and fixed spelling issues.
  • Fixed a crash when loading the save game that would cause the resort to not change name.
  • Fixed issue where ratings would be reset when loading a game.
  • Adjusted the layer ordering so that the logo doesn't appear in front of the menus anymore.
  • Disabled right click menu until tutorial is over.
  • Fixed the display of the cost of the visit, and adjusted calculations to be dependent on your current money.
  • Added more information to the golf cart list to let the players know which carts are being rented.
  • Fixed issue when loading the character's clothings that would cause the AI to crash and stop responding.
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not be able to play the tournament they created
  • Tournament data is now properly cleared when opening the panel.
  • Golfers will now properly progress through the tournament.
  • Players no longer able to delete the tournament course before the tournament starts.
  • Increased the speed at which the tournament gathers applications.
  • Fixed spelling errors on the wildlife removal.
  • Fixed spelling error on the What's New panel.
  • Fixed crash when removing a golfer that has finished playing a hole.
  • Fixed issue where golfers would just keep repeating the same first hole over and over.
  • Golf carts now automatically untopple when you reenter them.
  • Golfers that are participating in a tournmanet will now no longer enter the resort until the tournament happens, preventing evil twin syndrome.
  • Fixed display of the resort area label on the Resort Info panel.
  • Fixed issue when saving an AI that had played golf and finished, causing the current hole to be null but still needed to be accessed.
  • Fix issue with the tournament not being cleared when loading a new game.
  • Fix issue where trying to sell a cart wouldn't open the panel.
  • Added text to identify the current state of a course in the course builder (In Tournament, Playable, No Holes).
  • Made the course that is a part of a tournament undeletable.
  • Made the holes that were part of a course that is part of a tournament un-changeable.
  • Tweaked the golfer AI to make them more likely to try to go for the hole in short par 3 holes.
  • Added a label to tell the player what kind of terrain they are on.
  • Balanced the cash generated by golf carts.
  • Added information on golf cart revenue to the shop.

The Resort Boss: Golf Team

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