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Flashing Lights' March update is here! Find out what's new.

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Hello all,

We're excited to announce that Flashing Light's March update is now live! Based on your feedback from the roadmap vote, today's update introduces an unmarked 'charger' type car for police, new EMS and Fire callouts, flashlights and flares for all departments, spotlights and more.

Thanks to the amazing support we've received from you, the community, we've also been able to add Czech, Italian, Turkish and Finnish language support in today's update! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed to the community translation project via Localizor so far!

FL flashlight1

We'll be announcing our plans for April, May and June next week, so keep an eye out for the latest Flashing Lights news!

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March Update Patch Notes


  • Unmarked "charger" type car for police added
  • Updated EMS callout ID 4, additional injured NPC added
  • New callout for EMS and Fire Department: Vehicle incident with injured NPCs and trapped driver [ID 4000]. Callout can take place at 10 random locations
  • New callout for EMS and Fire Department: Vehicle incident with injured NPCs and 3 trapped drivers [ID 4001]. Callout can take place at 5 random locations
  • Firefighters can now use Medbags in callout 4000 and 4001
  • Flashlight added for all player characters (On/Off key by default: E)
  • Road flares added to all department vehicle trunks
  • Portable scene lights added for fire department, accessible from vehicle trunks
  • Spotlights on department cars and SUVs (On/Off key by default: P; Right Mouse Button to aim spotlight)
  • Additional lights for tow truck and van (On/Off key by default: P)
  • Additional lights for Fire Department and EMS trucks (lights control panel on/off key by default: P)
  • Face masks introduced as an option in character customisation menu
  • Translations updated for the following languages thanks to community translators: Traditional Chinese, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese
  • New languages added thanks to community translators: Czech, Italian, Turkish, Finnish
  • You can now view previous info pop ups (Key by default: F4)


  • Mission complete UI should no longer get stuck on screen
  • Grass performance improvement
  • Performance spikes in city reduced
  • All vehicle headlights beams adjusted
  • When moving a stretcher, the physics should no longer push the player forward
  • Vehicle steering adjusted (might need reset your steering sensitivity in Settings > Controls)
  • NPC tow truck previously didn't pick up red car from aggressive driver callout
  • Fixed an issue where players couldn't reload weapons after getting out of vehicle
  • Emergency lights adjusted: removed white on rear side of the lightbar
  • CPR animation no longer includes mouth to mouth
  • Tow truck hook input is now inactive while using chat
  • Fixed an issue where towing the same car twice from callouts would stop working
  • EMS truck's right side mirror now works while using interior view
  • Updated NPC emergency vehicles on callouts
  • Updated police and firefighter NPCs on callouts
  • Removed EMS NPC on callouts as now firefighters call for pickup
  • Tow truck players, in multiplayer, can now tow all wrecks from driver rescue calls
  • "Grab stretcher..." message changed

FL M4000 2

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