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This time we made a lot of changes to the UI! The biggest one being that we actually have one now.

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Hello everyone! This week we bring you a short video with many differences from anything else we've shown you... Visually at least. Everything still works more or less the same, except this time we have some visual representations!

For starters the enemies have health bars! When you get close enough to an enemy you get to see the bar represent the percentage of their health that remains. This change comes hand in hand with another bar we added, right above the turrets. The purple bar fills when you're not possessing a turret and represents how close it is to being supercharged. Like the health bars it also works on proximity so you always know what turret in your immediate surroundings you can count on next to deliver a massive burst of damage!

Next up we have actually a whole new mechanic! In the bottom right you can see a bar that depletes when you possess a turret. This is in place to keep the player on the move, as sticking with a particular turret for too long will cause you to get forcefully kicked out. It regenerates fast enough, however, to keep the pace fast.

Lastly an update on the turret UI itself: At long last we have crosshairs! It took far too long but now you'll be able to see where you're actually aiming, and not only that, it comes with a special radial indicator attached. Whenever you shoot, the radial indicator will empty, and refill over time. This represents the turret's cooldown, and when it's full you're free to shoot again!

Those were just about the major changes that we made. As you can see it's not been a week of massive features, but rather a week of many small very important things we once lacked. Remember to follow our twitter as usual, and we'll see you next week!

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