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Post news RSS Making the first Ikai trailer - Devlog #1

A whole month dedicated to produce the trailer of Ikai.

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“Hello world” - Is it the proper way to start a devlog? Anyway, the summary of our February is just: the trailer. Although it ends up in a less than 2 minute compilation of the project, it requires not only to make up a storyboard and record the video itself, but also to polish the features shown.

A minute and thirty-eight seconds led to a whole month of troubles.

The first thing we prepared was the bell’s physics, so we could make it ring along with the rope movement. It was funny to see them going crazy at first but, we can’t ship a product with broken physics and we had to fix it (sorry guys, you won’t see it as we did).

Don’t you see the bell in the video? Right, that’s because we couldn’t fit it in. It happened the same with other features, and it was kind of frustrating. They are still in the game, but we really wanted to show them and we purposely got them ready for it. Then, only during edition, we realized they don’t really match up with the tone of the trailer.

After getting a more or less nice trailer full of placeholders to avoid repeating the same mistake of developing things that won’t actually appear, we focused on getting all these placeholders functional and as polished as possible. In spite of the further iterations that will occur, releasing a trailer with that many shots of the game helped us closing a playable project. More work is needed to turn it into a publishable demo, yet we feel proud we can finally say our project can start being playtested!

In regards to the last challenge, and the very first part of the video, the voice acting, we had no experience in the field. Believe us when we tell you the result you could somehow be considered acting in comparison to the first robot-like recording we got. So please, be patient, our Tin Woman a.k.a “voice actress” has to first learn about emotions, she’ll learn about acting after that. Just give us some time, she’ll definitely do.

Finally, this is the first sneak peak of Ikai, the result of these months of development and, obviously, a trailer after all. We hope you enjoy it.

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