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MageWorks v0.0.15 is now available and includes new spells, improved environments, aggressive A.I., and lots of progress on crafting.

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MageWorks update v0.0.15 is now available!

Here's a list of what's new:

> Flower Milling! Players can now work with flowers in the flower shop to create ink.
> New spells! All defensive spells are now available including a Ring of Fire, Bone Wall, Ice Wall, Thorn Wall, and Static Field
> Improved A.I.! Elemental skeletons will now attack the player
> Vaults! Several vaults have been integrated into the environments and contain treasure chests with large amounts of gold to collect. Vaults can be opened when players find/unlock the Vault key spell located at one of the scroll stones.
> Health and Mana Stats! Players can now view their health and mana in the same way they can look at gold and kill count. Pressing the spellbook grip button will display the player's current stats.
> A new drone! The flashlight drone is now available and helpful in situations without much light like vaults.
> An observatory! Players can control a telescope to look around the night sky. In a future build, players will be required to line up the telescope with certain constellations to teleport to new levels.

Known issues:

> The gamestate save system is constantly evolving, so save games will be overwritten with the update. Until full release, most available spells will be auto-unlocked so players don't have to re-unlock anything.
> The uncut crystals in the mage quarters are currently collectible for ease-of-use and player testing. These will eventually be removed toward release date requiring players to venture out and explore to collect crystals for shaping.

On The Horizon:

> With the crafting system coming close to a workable state, players will soon be able to start using all of the pieces they create with the ink, wood and crystal workshops
> Additional polish on the environments and A.I.
> A book of maps is being developed to help players navigate in the wild.


Looking pretty sweet!

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