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The chapter suffered some changes, including its final. Now it's emotional!

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He-yo! Is everyone having a great day? Awesome.

It may not be from where it all starts, but it is how everything ends. There's only one thing that I could be talking about, the end.

The End

*My only friend* Eheh sorry, I love to sing, but also it makes sense! We want you, the player, to end Lousã with a good feeling in your belly, and so, besides the amazing picture that you can complete by taking a picture from every object in-game, there is a special something-something to do.

As it is normal in Lousã, you will be taking various pictures, and as talked about before, you will be able to choose between two different positions, one lower, and the other higher, on top of the platform near dad. And now about what changed.


It all starts with dad saying that he has a surprise for you. What could it be?


Dad found mom's favourite flower! That's amazing. And you might be wondering what has to happen for us to be able to see that flower? Let's say that we only needed a high viewpoint to find it. What is it? Well, this IS the surprise, so we don't want to spoil it for all of you, so you can get that sense of amazingness when playing it for the first time.


This week we changed the game's ending, for something that would be more impactful.

I couldn't go a week without mentioning it, if you want to smile a bit, play Lousã's demo right now!

With this said, I guess that I'll see you all... Next week! Stay safe, guys.

e assim

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