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Feud is on a long temporary hiatus to allow me to develop my own original 3D game.

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Hi everyone, Tabuu here.

It's been, what, forever since I posted here? I come bearing news that might sound disappointing for Feud followers. You may have seen it on my Twitter feed, but here is the official announcement in case you missed it:

Super Smash Bros. Feud will go on full-on hibernation mode. I will do NO work on it until further notice. But it is NOT cancelled unless I change my mind later. If that happens, I will reveal the content (roster, etc.) I had planned.

So what happened?

I am heeding the great advice of a fellow indie game maker, I have decided to hold off development of Feud in order to focus on my very own original commercial Indie game more worthy of that "Indie" title: a 3D action-adventure game with 100% original content titled "Sorcia" that will be Quality-1st and frills later and on which I will work my fingers to the bone. I have a Twitter set up for it, an unpublished Facebook page in the works, and a (also unpublished) Weebly site for it. I have concept art, reference pics for maps and a full 3D model I made for my protagonist.

When I have more info, I will be creating a page for it on this site too.

Apologies for the disappointment to whoever was looking forward to Feud updates. It saddens me to put the project on hold but I must shift on something I made myself with characters, music and other content that I can legally own and sell. I'm 26 years old and have never really earned a paycheck. It's time to work on something marketable. A Smash fan-game isn't.

My apologies again.

-Tabuu Forte Akugun.

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